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A beauty pageant star snatches a crown, a giant lizard wreaks havoc and a “Jeopardy!” contestant gets creative. These are the must-watch videos of the week.

A lizard on a mission

stranded orca killer whale freed alaska moos pkg vpx_00001416
Orca gets stranded on rocks, but then bystanders intervened
01:49 - Source: CNN

Customers at a 7-Eleven in Thailand were in for a surprise when a giant Asian monitor lizard scurried into the convenience store. A bystander captured shoppers’ nervous laughs and screams as the lizard made a beeline to the ice machine. Before it could wreak havoc in the Slurpee aisle, reptile handlers came to the rescue and escorted the guest to the nearest exit.

Vacation gone wrong

MA Coyote Stalks Woman On Beach 1
Woman cornered on beach by coyote, fights it off with stick
01:15 - Source: WBZ

A woman vacationing on Cape Cod, in Massachusetts, was stalked by a coyote while out for a beach walk. She fought the animal off with a stick until two fishermen came to her rescue. CNN affiliate WBZ has the story.

Too soon

Meghan Markel Archewell
See Prince Harry's sneaky cameo in Meghan's birthday video
01:28 - Source: CNN

Green Bay Packers fans around the country cringed at a “Jeopardy!” contestant’s answer, which was a jab at the team’s 2021 NFC Championship loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Guest host and Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers laughed off the joke, remarking the hilarious answer “should be correct.”

It’s a girl … and another girl!

panda twins france
'Absolutely crazy': Zoo celebrates birth of 2 giant panda cubs
01:12 - Source: CNN

Zoologists in France jumped for joy when a giant panda gave birth to two healthy cubs. The director of ZooParc de Beauval told AFP their births were “one more step for the conservation of the species.”

Fasten your seatbelts

woman largest mouth world record orig 3
See the woman Guinness World Records says has the biggest mouth
01:34 - Source: CNN

The luxury design company Louis Vuitton showed a travel-themed collection in its latest men’s show and the $39,000 price tag on an airplane-shaped bag had people’s jaws dropping to the floor. Jeanne Moos wonders if it will take off.