How has the pandemic affected America's youth? Share your stories

(CNN)For more than a year, young people have watched as America's adults grapple with a once-in-a-century crisis.

So how has the coronavirus pandemic impacted them? Young people haven't had much of a say in how the world addressed the pandemic, but they've borne the brunt of it in many ways.
      What was fun in the past -- concerts, spring break, sporting events or just hanging out -- was restricted. And the timeless rites of passage -- bar mitzvahs, quinceaneras, graduations, college tours -- were truncated or abandoned altogether.
        As America charts its return to a sense of normalcy, we want to hear about how the pandemic affected you.
          What do you think was handled well by the "adult world," and what could have been handled better?
          Please tell us your story if you are 16 or older in the form below. We may follow up on some responses for upcoming stories.