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Nurse: Some Covid-19 patients think I'm lying about diagnosis
03:14 - Source: CNN
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    1. Congress

    The Delta coronavirus variant appears to cause more severe illness and spread as easily as chickenpox, and fully vaccinated people might spread it at the same rate as unvaccinated people. (Remember, vaccines don’t prevent all infections, and people can be asymptomatic carriers of the disease.) This dire information comes from an unpublished, internal CDC document. The agency is expected to release new data today that backs up its decision earlier this week to issue stricter mask guidance. The US averaged more than 66,000 new daily cases over the last week, according to Johns Hopkins University data – an average that’s generally risen since the country hit a 2021 low of 11,299 daily cases.

    2. Coronavirus

    Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has signed an executive order directing state troopers to stop any vehicle if there is “reasonable suspicion” that it is being used to transport migrants released from the custody of US Customs and Border Protection. Abbott says it is a public health measure, and has repeatedly tried to link a rise in Covid-19 cases in the state to border crossings. However, Abbott has pushed back against other measures like mask mandates, vaccine requirements and testing for immigrants released from custody. Attorney General Merrick Garland has threatened action against Abbott’s order. At the border, frustration is growing amid immigration advocacy groups over federal immigration restrictions put in place at the beginning of the pandemic that haven’t been lifted under the Biden administration.

    3. Mideast violence

    brothers bernal screengrab vpx 2
    A wildfire is closing in on their home. Hear why they are refusing to leave
    02:20 - Source: CNN

    4. Policing

    biden lemon split
    CNN's Don Lemon presses Joe Biden on his answer on the filibuster
    05:49 - Source: CNN

    5. South China Sea


    Woman posed as gemologist and swapped diamonds for pebbles in elaborate $5.8 million heist

    It would have been impressive, actually … had she not gotten caught

    ‘The Green Knight’ puts a dream-like spin on Arthurian legend

    Weekend movie plans, made. 

    Fans are all ‘???’ about Fred Durst’s new look 

    Who knew he had so much hair? And is that … a horseshoe mustache?!

    McDonald’s is partnering with hip-hop artist Saweetie for its next celebrity meal

    And they’re calling the sauce “Saweetie and Sour,” which is adorable. 

    The hard seltzer craze has come to an end as sales go flat

    It’s the perfect solution for when you want an alcoholic beverage, but don’t want to taste the alcohol … or the beverage. 


    US gymnast Suni Lee won the Olympic all-around, extending the United States’ 17-year winning streak in the category. Lee is also the first Hmong American to compete in the Olympics. The Hmong people are an ethnic group that originate mainly in China and Southeast Asia. 

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    That’s how much Melinda French Gates and McKenzie Scott have teamed up to give toward advancing the power and influence of American women over the next decade. The donation is being awarded to winners of the Equality Can’t Wait Challenge.


    “God wanted me to be the way I am.”

    Kenyan runner Maximila (Max) Imali. She is one of several women who have levels of testosterone that the International Association of Athletics Federations has deemed too high for some of the women’s competitions. But Imali and others are still fighting to regain a foothold in the sport they love. Learn more about her situation in this CNN interactive


    storm reports
    Tornadoes hit Pennsylvania, hot tempertures hit the south, and heat and flooding impact the West
    02:36 - Source: CNN

    Check your local forecast here>>>


    lego typewriter 2
    See a classic typewriter made entirely of Legos
    00:46 - Source: CNN Business

    Just your type

    LEGO has launched a cute typewriter set that looks and moves just like the real thing – once you put the more than 2,000 pieces together, that is. (Click here to view)