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Good Samaritans break a truck’s windows, an abandoned husky finds happiness, and a sandstorm engulfs a city. These are the must-watch videos of the week.

Highway heroes

ATL highway crowd saves man orig 1
Video shows crowd bashing truck on highway to save driver
01:54 - Source: CNN

Drivers on an Atlanta highway worked together to break into a slow-moving truck after realizing the man behind the wheel was unconscious. The man’s wife told people on the scene that he was hospitalized but is doing better.

Huskily ever after

husky abandoned viral video
See dog's heartbreaking reaction after owner abandons him
02:09 - Source: CNN

A heartbreaking video went viral after a husky was abandoned on the side of the road and chased after his owner’s car. A family who saw the video reached out to foster the dog and says they are now complete thanks to the new furry addition.

Silver screen to security threat?

The US Navy has finally acknowledged footage purported to show UFOs hurtling through the air. And while officials said they don't know what the objects are, they're not indulging any hints either.
The 'baffling' thing about UFO tech that has security experts worried
05:47 - Source: CNN

The Senate Intelligence Committee’s report into unidentified aerial phenomena – or UFOs – highlights what could be possible threats to US airspace. Former intelligence and security officials help break down how UFOs pose a national security risk.

Sandstorm sweeps through city

SCREENGRAB China sandstorm
See sandstorm engulf city in China
00:51 - Source: CNN

A sandstorm as high as 328 feet hit Dunhuang City in northwestern China. Local police imposed traffic controls on the city’s expressway as visibility was dramatically reduced.

Teen fights off 12-foot-long crocodile

kgo crocodile attack screengrab vpx
Teenager attacked by 12-foot-long crocodile while on vacation
01:56 - Source: KGO

18-year-old Kiana Hummel was on vacation at resort in Mexico when she was attacked by a 12-foot-long crocodile. Hummel describes the attack from the hospital where she is recovering.