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No one needs to remind you these are stressful times. And though there are countless home remedies and questionable exercises and gadgets that claim to relieve the tension, there’s one proven stress reliever that you can wear on your wrist: Apollo Neuro.

Apollo Neuro is a stress relief wearable device that fits on your wrist or ankle and is backed by years of research. This isn’t some gizmo you see on late-night TV that promises instant relief, touts a few empty New Age catchphrases and then provides zero actual stress relief. No, it’s your body doing the actual work of relieving stress. Apollo Neuro is simply a proven method of helping train your body to handle that stress better.

It works like this: Designed by neuroscientists and physicians, Apollo Neuro sends silent, soothing vibrations to your body, tapping into your autonomic nervous system’s natural responses to tell that emotion-driving part of your brain that everything’s OK and you can relax. Think of how all your fears and anxieties melt away with a comforting hug from a loved one — that’s the same instinct Apollo Neuro is communicating with. In other words, Apollo Neuro is like a gentle hug for your brain, calming you down and letting your body know that it can disengage its fight-or-flight mode and go into rest-and-digest mode. We may call it “touch therapy” in the 21st century, but the wisdom and science behind it is as old as time.

It won’t just come in handy when you’re trying to recover from being stressed either. With the Apollo Neuro app, you can program it to help you transition throughout different times of day, with modes to help you clear your mind, focus, relax, or get a sound and lasting sleep.

And because Apollo Neuro works by training your nervous system to respond to its vibrations, it gets more effective the more you use it. Once your nervous system has become accustomed to the Apollo Neuro, you’ll find yourself bouncing back from stress faster than ever before. Think of it like going to the gym for your mental health. The more time you invest, the more you’ll get back. In several clinical and real-world studies, with consistent use over time Apollo is proven to improve heart rate variability, a key biometric physicians use to gauge stress resilience, as well as sleep and cognitive performance.

Besides stress relief, the benefits of Apollo Neuro are many. Unlike drugs and other methods of stress relief, it’s non-invasive, you won’t suffer side effects, and it’s totally safe for kids. It doesn’t collect or send out your personal medical data, track your health or bombard you with meaningless numbers that just stress you out more.

Once you and your Apollo Neuro become acquainted, you’ll find yourself calmer, sharper, and better rested. You’ll have more energy both mentally and physically, and those everyday “crises” that used to ruin your whole day every day? Well, they won’t seem as monumentally challenging anymore.

Apollo Neuro ($349 or $32/mo;

You can relax better, sleep better and feel better with a touch on the wrist — and Apollo Neuro’s got just the right touch when it comes to stress relief.