Why do vaccinated people need to mask? See Gupta's answer
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    Two of California’s many wildfires are threatening Sequoia National Park and the massive, iconic trees that grow there. And in Louisiana, Tropical Depression Nicholas could slow down recovery from Hurricane Ida, which just blew through two weeks ago.

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    1. California recall

    A bipartisan group of senators have reached an agreement on key points related to a massive infrastructure package. The Senate also voted to open debate on the plan, with 17 Republicans joining Democrats in voting to do so. The measure includes money for roads, bridges and public transportation, and while it falls far short of President Joe Biden’s initial $2.25 trillion proposal, Biden is still touting it. This bill falls more around the $1 trillion mark, with about $550 billion in new federal investments in America’s infrastructure. The bipartisan breakthroughs yesterday may move the plan forward, but only by a matter of inches. Many Republicans, and progressive Democrats who want more from the bill, could still bog down any significant movement. 

    Health Care Workers
    'It's emotional': ICU nurse describes life in the ER
    02:14 - Source: CNN

    2. Coronavirus

    Mask mandates. Postponed events. Full emergency rooms. Signs of the difficult early days of the pandemic are reemerging, and some experts say stricter vaccination compulsions may be the best way to prevent a full downward spiral. The US House is reinstating its mask mandate, prompting some conservatives to push back. White House officials are also preparing to enact Biden’s decision to require federal employees to get vaccinated. The CDC estimates only 49.3% of the US population is fully vaccinated – a far cry from the 70% to 85% that experts have estimated would be needed to slow or stop the spread of the virus. In all, 49 states are seeing a surge in cases. 

    aquilino gonell insurrection hearing
    'My wife wanted to hug me, and I told her no': Officer shares emotional testimony
    01:50 - Source: CNN

    3. Gen. Mark Milley

    This photo taken on February 14, 2020 shows a Filipino fisherman sailing off at sunset from the coast of Bacnotan, La Union province, in northwestern Philippines facing the South China Sea. (Photo by Romeo GACAD / AFP) (Photo by ROMEO GACAD/AFP via Getty Images)
    Why it matters who owns the seas
    03:48 - Source: CNN

    5. Haiti

    5. UK deportations

    After three months of testimony from 32 witnesses, the criminal fraud case of Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes is now in the hands of the jury. Holmes faces nine counts of wire fraud and two counts of conspiracy to commit wire fraud. The jury of eight men and four women is tasked with determining whether Holmes – who claimed to have revolutionized blood testing – knowingly misled investors, doctors, and patients about her startup in order to take their money. Deliberations are scheduled to begin later today. If convicted, Holmes faces up to 20 years in prison. She has pleaded not guilty.

    aly raisman
    Raisman shares concern for Biles, calls USA Gymnastics 'absolute disaster'
    05:08 - Source: CNN


    Why Olympians bite their medals and what they do with them

    ‘The Green Knight’ puts a dream-like spin on Arthurian legend

    Campbell’s soup cans are getting their first redesign in 50 years

    Like good plastic surgery, it’s so subtle, you can barely tell they got work done!

    ‘Jungle Cruise’ is the latest Disney ride turned movie

    Now do “It’s A Small World” next.

    New York City restaurant unveils $200 french fries

    For that price they better be covered in … oh. They are covered in gold.

    Brood X had a good run, but now the annual cicadas are here and they like to scream

    No More Scary Bugs, ESPECIALLY Not Screaming Ones, 2021!


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    American Caeleb Dressel has won the men’s 100 meter freestyle final with a time of 47.02 seconds, an Olympic record.

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    That’s how much Melinda French Gates and McKenzie Scott have teamed up to give toward advancing the power and influence of American women over the next decade. The donation is being awarded to winners of the Equality Can’t Wait Challenge.


    severe weather outlook
    Monsoon rains impact fires out West as hot and humid air hits Central US
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