5 ways to get your kids to wear masks

(CNN)Add it to your fall 2021 back to school shopping list: Buy more masks.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is expected to recommend that everyone in K-12 schools wear a mask, regardless of their vaccination status, as it updates its masking guidelines in response to the more transmissible Delta variant, according to an administration health official.
We know that little humans pull and tug at the masks constantly, and kids don't just stop there. They let the tops fall beneath their noses and sometimes even yank the things down below their mouths, just because they can.
    Despite all these protests from children in countries where face coverings aren't already part of the culture, masks are a must this fall, according to the CDC.
      The CDC has already recommended that all kids over the age of 2 wear face coverings in indoor public places to help reduce the spread of Covid-19.
        That means that now is the time to get kids back on board with the reality of masks in schools. We know kids around the world who already know how to wear masks — it's simply part of their routine when they leave the house.
        How do you get your child there? We've asked doctors, psychologists and parents for their best strategies for getting little ones to wear face coverings and keep them on. Here are their top five suggestions.

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