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As times change, so do the trends. Needless to say, it can feel like the second you update your wardrobe, styles have already shifted. The only fashion category that’s immune to the sands of time? The classics. That was the inspiration behind Puma’s 2021 take on its classic Suede sneaker, and the internet is buzzing about it.

Hop on Instagram and check out #ForAllTime, and you’ll see what we mean. (#Pumasuede and #Pumashoes are also particularly popular right now.) People are loving the sneaker’s fresh color combos, low-top silhouette, thick rubber outsole and, of course, the full suede upper with signature Puma logos.

A little background: Puma launched its first suede shoe in 1968, and it upended the Olympics with its 68 spikes that offered unparalleled leverage on the track. Since then, various iterations of the sneaker have become sports and style staples, and they’ve been worn by the icons of every generation, including top athletes and Grammy nominees. The backbone of the brand, however, is the everyday people who wear Pumas from the courts to the curbs. (Take a look at Puma’s “as worn by you” photos, which you can find front and center on the product pages.)

This time around, the Suede Classic XXI takes the best aspects of the original and redefines it for a new generation using fresh colors and subtle design updates.

Suede Classic XXI Women’s Sneakers ($70; puma.com)

Suede Classic XXI Women's Sneakers ($70; puma.com)

The Suede Classic XXI for women comes in five colors — Peachskin, Puma Black, High Risk Red, Cool Blue and Transparent Yellow — each with a curved, contrasting formstrip overlay on top of its suede upper. It also has signature logos on the tongue, side and back, but this shoe’s not just about looks; it has a cushioned sockliner for comfort, a thick rubber outsole for traction and a full lace closure for security. The sizes range from 5.5 to 11.

Suede Classic XXI Men’s Sneakers ($70; puma.com)

Suede Classic XXI Men's Sneakers ($70; puma.com)

Get the men’s Suede Classic XXI in 19 different sizes and 13 different colors, including an eye-catching blue with an orange overlay. Former buyers and current Instagram users have been quick to show off the classic style: “I already know these are gonna be in HEAVY rotation because of how easy they are to rock with my entire closet,” one writes. The shoe’s leather also comes from environmentally responsible sources and is certified via the Leather Working Group protocol, plus you get an extra pair of laces.