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Bonjour! Hej! Cześć! Halo! Merhaba!

If you’re like most Americans, that’s pretty much the extent of your knowledge of French, Danish, Polish, Indonesian and Turkish, respectively. Which leaves you, the well-meaning but unschooled foreign tourist, visiting student or fact-finding businessperson retour à la case départ every time you meet a new person. At best, you’re at the mercy of whatever (hopefully) kind soul steps in as an impromptu translator on your behalf. At worst, you’re going to be single-handedly responsible for an ugly international incident.

But you don’t need to spend all your hoarded Dogecoin on Elon Musk’s secret time machine to go back and spend the last two years in immersive language classes. With Babbel, you’ll be speaking a new language in just three weeks.

Yes, weeks. Semaines. Uger. Tygodnie. Minggu. Haftalar.

And, with the current sale on the Babbel website, you’ll get to do it for 55% off, which is simply luar biasa.


Babbel is the No. 1 bestselling language learning app for a reason. You’re not just learning a list of vocab words like some high schooler trying to get a passing grade in a language they have absolutely no intention of actually using in real life. You’ll be getting into the mindset of the language you’re learning, immersing yourself in the people, the culture, the places and the history to not just speak a new tongue but to live it.

And with Babbel Live’s virtual online classes, you’ll be getting an interactive experience with a real human being, not an expensive version of some freemium game gussied up as an academic experience. You’ll be learning the words you really need to learn to visit and live in a new country, to navigate daily interactions with the local people and to get through and solve the misunderstandings and subtle real-life mistakes that trip up people who think they can simply book-learn their way into a new language.

With a team of over 150 linguistics experts and native speakers of 14 different languages from German to Russian to Brazilian Portuguese, Babbel is powered by real people, not some algorithmic machine AI like other apps use. And Babbel gets that your time is valuable — lessons can take only 10 minutes, but hit the essentials, meaning you’re not wasting your time on filler material about some guy named Franz in a situation you’ll never find yourself in. Babbel uses a variety of methods to teach you, including lessons, podcasts, games, videos, cultural content and those live online virtual classes, so you’re sure to find the learning methods that, err, speak to you most.

With Babbel’s preparation, once you arrive at your new destination, you’ll be ready to live like a local, learning how to sing songs in your new tongue, making recipes from the local cuisine, meeting friends and finding the paths in life only the locals know about. In other words, you won’t simply be ordering banana pancakes at that backpacker café across from the hostel.

So head on over to the Babbel website and hook yourself up with that 55% discount while it’s available and look forward to being international-trip-ready in less than a month. After all, you’ll only have to invest pennies and a little free time, and what do you get in return? Why, only le monde entier. Hele verden. Cały świat. Seluruh dunia. Bütün dünya.