America's summer is 'full of possibility,' but is Biden's mission accomplished moment coming too soon?

Fireworks explode over the Lincoln Memorial during the Fourth of July celebrations in Washington, DC, July 4, 2019.

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(CNN)Independence Day brought extra significance this year.

In the frozen, sickly days of winter, Joe Biden invoked July 4th as the moment patriotic Americans would finally unite to declare victory over the pandemic. The President offered his promise to a demoralized nation, beaten down by isolation with millions unemployed and many grim months ahead.
    As fireworks burst in air on Sunday, it's not an exaggeration to say that if you had to be anywhere in the world right now, you might choose the United States, given the high availability of vaccines and an economy on the rebound.
      Biden has fallen just short of his goal of getting every American at least one shot of the vaccine by July 4 (he has reached 67% of the population). But airports were still jammed this weekend with people taking flight on long-delayed vacations and family visits. Restaurants and bars are filling up too, in the air-conditioned comfort of indoors. New jobs data shows 850,000 Americans went back to work last month.
        "It was a long winter, but the clouds have broken. We're not at the finish line yet, but summer has never felt more full of possibility. And do