Witnessing child labor on Ghana's Lake Volta

Published 3:55 AM ET, Sat July 3, 2021
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Humanitarian photographer Lisa Kristine took these images of Lake Volta, in Ghana. Here, 20,000 children are working in forced labor, according to the International Labour Organization. Lisa Kristine
These children are often brought to work on fishing boats by traffickers who manipulate vulnerable families, says Kristine. Lisa Kristine
Children are prized for their small and nimble fingers, able to untether and mend nets. Lisa Kristine
Children as young as five are forced to work up to 18 hours a day, with no pay, in dangerous conditions. Lisa Kristine
Lake Volta is the world's biggest man-made lake, and trees rise above the water's surface. Fishing nets can become caught on the limbs, and children are made to dive into the water to untangle them. Unable to swim, many children drown. Lisa Kristine
The more fortunate children are rescued, and find refuge in a shelter. Lisa Kristine
"I offer my photographs documenting these harsh realities as a way to help others see our shared humanity," says Kristine. Lisa Kristine