Delia Fiallo poses in her studio in her house in Miami, surrounded by posters of some of her now classic Latin American soap operas in several languages on August 15, 2018.
CNN  — 

Cuban writer Delia Fiallo passed away early on Tuesday, a source close to the writer told CNN.

The Televisa network reported the death earlier in the day, saying it had spoken with Fiallo’s daughter. The legendary writer was 96. The cause of her death was not immediately available.

Considered the “mother of the Latin American soap opera,” Delia Fiallo wrote more than 40 radio and television works.

Among her original works and later adapted by herself or by others are “Cristal,” “Esmeralda,” “La Zulianita,” and “María del Mar.”

The productions based on her works were seen in millions of homes around the world.

“A telenovela is basically about sentiment,” she told Variety in 1996. “If you don’t make the public cry, you won’t achieve anything.”

Her novels were adapted throughout two continents, from the US to Argentina, passing through countries such as Mexico and Colombia.

CNN’s Steve Almasy contributed to this report.