Mitt Romney on infrastructure: 'I do trust the president' - first full block
14:51 - Source: CNN
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Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell called on Democrats to back off their plans to tie a bipartisan infrastructure deal to a larger bill filled with their priorities, warning that both efforts could collapse if they carry through with their plans.

The call by the Kentucky Republican was the clearest sign yet that the Senate GOP may try to deny Democrats the 60 votes they need to pass a bipartisan plan unless they abruptly change tactics.

At an event in Kentucky on Monday, McConnell said when asked about the bipartisan deal, “I think it’s fair to say I’d like to see us get there and I do think the only way we can get there is to delink the two issues. They are really separate issues.”

The comments from the minority leader come after President Joe Biden on Saturday tried to walk back earlier remarks when he said he wouldn’t sign a bipartisan bill on infrastructure unless it came paired with a reconciliation proposal, which Democrats could pass without Republican votes. The initial remark from Biden met with <