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Apple started the true wireless earbud revolution with AirPods. You can get in at two price points: For about $160, entry-level AirPods deliver decent sound quality and seamless Apple-device pairing, while at closer to $200 you have AirPods Pro, which add noise cancellation and a refreshed design into the mix. The best part is the entire line is seeing good discounts this Prime Day.

AirPods Pro ($189.99, originally $249.99;

If you walk into an Apple Store or visit, AirPods Pro will cost you $249.99. Right now you can score them for $189.99, and that’s a significant savings from the MSRP. It’s not the lowest price we’ve ever seen, though.

AirPods Pro are our pick for earbuds for Apple users, and their hallmark feature is best-in-class noise cancellation. This way you can easily engage the model and block out the world around you. They also feature Adaptive EQ for a terrific sound experience, “Hey Siri” support, fast pairing with Apple devices and a comfortable design.

AirPods (starting at $159.98, originally $199.99;

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Standard AirPods might not be as feature-filled as AirPods Pro, but they are Apple’s first wireless earbud. And while they still look like original AirPods, they’re now in the second generation. That means “Hey Siri” support, better sound with improved bass, fast pairing and strong connectivity.

Right now AirPods with a wireless charging case are down to $159.98 from $199.99.

Wireless Charging Case for AirPods ($66.99, originally $79;

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If you already have AirPods — first or second generation — but would like the added bonus of a wireless charging case, Apple has a solution for you. It makes a new case with the required technology inside. It’s also a solution for getting a squeaky-clean case. It’s on sale for $66.99 right now.

AirPods Max (starting at $522.15, originally $549.99;

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You’ve likely at least heard of Apple’s $549 over-ear AirPods. They’re in the upper echelon but are designed from high-end materials (aluminum ear cups) and paired with a tremendous amount of tech inside.

Deals have been hard to come by, but you can snag AirPods Max in any color for $522.15.


Elago Peach AirPods Case ($9.59, originally $11.99;

Elago Peach AirPods Case
Elago Peach AirPods Case

This stylish case is the perfect cover for your Airpods, giving your headphones added grip and impact protection. The case also supports wireless charging and is made out of premium silicone that will last in the long term.

Elago Silicone AirPods Case With Keychain ($4.79, originally $5.99;


This simple yet sleek case is a great option for drop protection and added grip. It’s designed with a coating inside the case to protect from it falling off your AirPods and comes with a carabiner to easily attach to your bag or lanyard.

AirPods Pro Case Cover With Keychain ($5.69, originally $5.99;


For Airpods Pro users, these cases are both waterproof and offer impact protection in a variety of different colors. This affordable option also allows you to attach the case easily to any keychain for easy access.

Elago Ear Hooks Designed for Apple AirPods and AirPods Pro (starting at $7.99, originally $8.49;


If you find your Airpods slipping out of your ears during physical activity, these ear hooks offer a great solution to keep your headphones secure. They’re made out of a soft bendable material designed for comfort and security. Elago also offers these hooks for AirPods Pro here.

Anker Nano Charger ($13.59, originally $16.99;


As one of our favorite chargers for the iPhone, the Nano also works perfectly to quickly charge up AirPods or AirPods Pro. It uses GAN technology inside, which keeps it cool and allows for fast charging.

Anker Powerline II USB-C to Lightning ($11.99, originally $14.99;


As our top pick for a Lightning cable, Anker’s Powerline II hits the sweet spot across the board. It has a durable outer layer, and with a USB-C port on one end, charging time and data transfer finish faster.

Elago D Stand Charging Station ($18.99, originally $19.99;


This stand from Elago makes it easy to charge your AirPods or AirPods Pro, and since it’s elevated you won’t lose them on your desk also. You’ll need to supply the cable and power supply here as well.