Why scientists and meteorologists are wearing blue and red stripes

(CNN)As extreme drought plagues the Western US and more intense storms brew in the tropics, climate-minded people joined scientists and meteorologists on Monday in a campaign to turn the world's attention toward the climate crisis.

At its core, the #ShowYourStripes campaign is a visual one, designed to illustrate something inherently difficult to picture: how much the Earth has warmed.
From left to right, each stripe in the design represents a year's worth of temperature change since the early 20th century. The blue shades indicate cooler-than-average years, while the shades of red are hotter-than-average years.
      The images show a significant shift from blue to red in recent years, signaling an alarming rise in temperatures around the world. The deep red stripes on the right side underscore how human activity has contributed to planet-heating emissions over time.