A man crashed his car after a cicada hit him in the face

Police say a cicada flew in through an open window and hit the driver in the face, causing him to crash.

(CNN)Cicadas have no boundaries.

A man in Cincinnati, Ohio, told police he crashed his car into a pole because a cicada flew in through an open window and smacked him in the face.
The driver is OK, Cincinnati police tweeted. The department posted a video showing officers interacting with the man after the crash.
      An officer is heard telling witnesses that he was "tempted to believe" the driver's story because there was a cicada stuck in his own cruiser's console. A witness who was a quarter of a mile behind the driver said he had not been driving recklessly, but randomly swerved over to the side of the road. Police said the man was "a great sport about the whole thing."
        The Brood X cicadas circulating through the Mid-Atlantic and Midwest right now will only be around for a few weeks after spending the past 17 years underground. But they are making the most of their limited time.
          The insects delayed a White House charter plane scheduled to leave Washington after invading exterior sections of the aircraft. President Joe Biden also had a brush with a cicada before he boarded Air Force One.
            And at the US Capitol, a cicada tried to make an appearance on CNN when it crawled on correspondent Manu Raju as he prepared for a live shot.
            The Brood X cicadas are expected to die off in late June and early July.