Their relationships were tested during the pandemic. Now, they are debating if they are worth saving

Updated 6:16 AM ET, Tue June 1, 2021

(CNN)There's no doubt that relationships were tested during the pandemic, as many people limited social interactions and worked remotely.

But how much distance is too much? And are some of those relationships worth rekindling or are we better off without people we grew apart from?
Jennifer Scott, 43, deleted a Facebook account she's had for almost a decade and stayed off the platform because she said she couldn't handle the interactions over race relations and the pandemic with people "just spouting nonsense."
"I do believe in forgiveness and grace, not so much to give people free passes, but more so for your own mental health and stability," she said. "Hanging onto being petty and bitter, not exactly great for your brain, but I also believe that you can love people from a distance."
With parts of the world lifting mask mandates, more people getting vaccinated and summer around the corner, many of us may find ourselves asking if it's time to repair strained relationships with loved ones while others are choosing to walk away.
There are quite a few friendships Scott feels are worth rekindling and as a mom of two daughters, ages 6 and 7, she said it's natural to drift apart from friends who have also been busy with mom life.
And with the friendships worth keeping, she has no problem taking steps to reactivate the bond. But that's not the case with every relationship.
"It's the loving thing, the good thing by not having them in your inner circle," Scott said. "Be polite, say hi, but I can definitely think of a handful of people I might not be going out o