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Lego’s latest addition to its lineup — “Everyone Is Awesome” — is the first LGBTQIA+ set from the brand. The set, which features 346 pieces, is up for order now at $34.99. The brick building brand is joining fellow toy brand Mattel, which offers inclusive Barbies and a Pride-themed Uno deck.

The 11 colors featured in “Everyone Is Awesome” are inspired by the rainbow flag. Those are reflected on the floor and wall of the display set along with the 11 Minifigures. Each Minifigure has a custom hairstyle as well.

“Everyone Is Awesome” stands at about 4 inches tall (10.24 centimeters) and 5 inches in depth (12.80 centimeters). It would look great on a desk, nightstand, end table or even in a cabinet. As with all Lego sets, you’ll enjoy the build, then you can display it wherever you’d like.

Matthew Ashton, the set designer and VP of design, said, “I wanted to create a model that symbolizes inclusivity and celebrates everyone, no matter how they identify or who they love” in the press release. “Everyone Is Awesome” is designed to reflect all of that for those in the Lego community.

“Everyone Is Awesome” is available for order now directly from Lego.