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You can’t fault the 2021 shopping experience for not being convenient. But no matter how easy it is to get basically anything you could possibly want delivered to your door without you ever leaving your couch, it has become increasingly difficult to find exactly what you’re looking for. Y’know, it’s as if, no matter who you actually buy from, you and all your neighbors and friends are all getting the same products. It’s almost like the word “unique” has lost its meaning.

Rest easy. You can thank Amazon for bringing back the “unique” in the phrase “unique shopping experience” with Amazon Launchpad.

With a mission to support small businesses creating truly one-of-a-kind items that meet the needs of real families and people like you, quirks and all, Amazon Launchpad is dedicated to ensuring that an era where the average consumer has global reach doesn’t have to mean everyone has to shop the three same aisles at Generic Corp., Inc.

Amazon Launchpad is built on small brands — real people with great, genuinely innovative ideas, from the offbeat and fun, like Rikki Gilbey’s bodysurfing Handplane or the imagiLabs STEM-teaching programmable LED imagiCharm, to the truly world-changing, like Wynd Technology’s personal pollutant-filtering air purifier.

Launchpad provides these ground-level entrepreneurs with Amazon’s unparalleled reach and visibility, and in return, they get to bring their innovations to consumers like you. And we’re not talking reskinning the same old product in cerulean and ’80s florals and calling it a “must-have upgrade” — these are the Thomas Edisons of the 21st century, and they’re constantly bringing Amazon Launchpad customers fresh, new solutions to problems that are down-to-earth.

For example, Andre d’Haussy’s Power Packer solves that annoying issue every business traveler faces: tech accessory overload taking up more and more room in your suitcase. Vibe makes conference calling go all that much smoother with its interactive, real-time whiteboard. Miami’s Sandra Portal-Andreu turns the sloppy clutter of a party-snack-filled tabletop into a real work of art with her beechwood serving globes. And you never again have to start your workday with a hand cramp from slaying aliens on your rail commute with GameSir’s game controller for mobile phones.


Like we said, these are real everyday problems tackled by real, everyday people who encounter the same ups and downs of life you do and who want to improve life for real individuals. Amazon only lets the best of the best into the Launchpad program, meaning you can be assured you’ll be browsing among the top-rated products the marketplace has to offer from truly innovative small brands.

On Amazon Launchpad, you’ll be among the first to see and get to try and buy these inventions. Your friends and family will be the first to enjoy these unique — as in really unique — gifts. And you’ll learn the inspiring stories of these revolutionary innovators whose products you’re using, making each purchase that much more than something else to take up space on your shelf.

With Amazon Launchpad, unique is back in a big way.