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We’re so close, we can almost taste it: the salty air drifting over a Swedish seaside town, the local delicacies from an Italian restaurant or the fresh-roasted airport coffee after a red-eye. The world is opening back up, and those with wanderlust are ready to go. They’ve spent the past year pining and planning for their next international vacation — and Rosetta Stone is here to help with some genius learning tools and upcoming discounts.

Why Rosetta Stone? The internet has its fair share of language-learning programs, some of which are free, but in this particular case, you often get what you pay for. Unlike competitors, Rosetta Stone isn’t crowdsourced; instead, it’s developed by professional linguists and designed to teach you the practical, relevant phrases you’ll actually need — and in 30 different languages. (After all, when was the last time you needed to use the sentence “There are no elephants in my kitchen” in your native language or otherwise?) The Rosetta Stone app even has an offline mode so you can keep learning anywhere, like on the plane ride or in a hostel with no Wi-Fi.

Given all of those features, it’s no wonder the company has earned a 4.8-star rating from over 100,000 reviewers. Here are a few of the powerful tools that real subscribers use and love:

Your Plan: Create a personalized lesson plan on any device and based on your knowledge level, goals and motives. Bite-size lessons make the whole process really accessible, while daily notifications keep you on track. You can even opt for a specific plan designed for the traveler, so whether you’re trekking across the globe by yourself, planning an international couple’s retreat or getting away with your friends or family, you’re prepared for anything your trip throws at you. Get a plan in your choice of 24 different languages.


Seek & Speak: Using augmented reality, this feature takes everyday objects in your environment and turns them into learning tools. Just point your phone’s camera at an object and get an immediate translation — or do scavenger hunt-style challenges around your home to test your vocabulary.

TruAccent® Speech Recognition Engine: This brand-new iPhone app technology uses advanced machine learning to help you perfect your pronunciation. Created from thousands of hours of recorded speech data, its improved sound patterns and grammar ensure that you’re able to match your chosen language’s accent more accurately than ever before.


Phrasebook: Specifically geared toward travelers, the Phrasebook teaches you more than 160 useful phrases across eight different categories. Whether you’re meeting new people, dining out or staying in a hotel, you’ll know exactly what to say and how to say it — and since it works offline, you can access it anywhere and without a data plan.

Stories: If you feel like you need practice using sentences in a larger context, try Rosetta Stone’s Stories feature. Read full stories aloud and compare your pronunciation to that of a native speaker. You’ll be holding full conversations in no time!

Still not sold? Try Rosetta Stone free for three days, or check out these upcoming discounts, which are valid through June 30:

  • Low Cost: 3-Months of Rosetta Stone for less than $40 ($11.99/mo;
  • Long-Term: Over 30% OFF 12-Months of Rosetta Stone ($95.88, originally $143.88;
  • Best Value: 40% OFF a Lifetime Subscription of Unlimited Languages! ($179, originally $299;