Memorial Day forecast weather conditions on Monday
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Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial start to summer is almost upon us and the weather may play a part in your holiday plans.

It already felt like summer across parts of the US on Wednesday, with near record-breaking heat in the Mid-Atlantic.

After seeing high temperatures in the 90s Wednesday, temperatures are now dropping and will continue to drop into the weekend.

“If you’re making weekend plans based on the summer-like temperatures we saw mid-week, check your local forecast. Most of the Northeast and Midwest will cool down 20-30 degrees over the weekend and we will actually see below normal temperatures,” said CNN Senior Meteorologist Dave Hennen.

Ugly weather in the Northeast

The weather in this Northeast this weekend is expected to be wet, as multiple storm systems are expected to affect the region.

Saturday will be a washout for many in New England, with a widespread light to moderate rain likely for cities including New York and Boston through the evening.

The latest timing of this rain suggests much of the Mid-Atlantic will be mostly dry following early-morning rain Saturday morning. Only a few showers will remain possible in the region on Saturday.

The next storm will get started on Sunday with rain moving into coastal sections of the Northeast. A few showers may stretch into the Mid-Atlantic, with the best chance for rain in southern New England.

By Memorial Day, conditions are expected to improve across the Northeast. The Mid-Atlantic should be dry with clearing skies, making for great weather to celebrate the holiday outside.

Meanwhile, New England may still have to contend with lingering rain showers Monday morning.

Not only will it be wet and cloudy much of the weekend, but that will also keep temperatures rather cool for this unofficial start to summer, making for undesirable weather to be outside for many.

Forecast high temperatures in the Northeast this weekend

Saturday will be the coolest day, with high temperatures up to 20 degrees below normal. That means temperatures will only be in the 50s and 60s.

A gradual warming will begin as the weekend progresses, with temperatures approaching average for Memorial Day. Highs for most areas will be back to around 70 degrees, but that may still feel cool to sit out by the pool or beach.

Cooler temperatures for Southeast too

While the Northeast will experience a substantial cooling this weekend, the Southeast will also witness falling temperatures but to a lesser extent.

Saturday will be warm near the Southeast coast and into Florida, with high temperatures in the 80s to near 90 degrees, which is nearing 5 degrees above average. The central Gulf Coast states and Tennessee River Valley will be below average as highs pummel to up to 15 degrees below average behind a cold front moving through. Highs in these areas will mainly be in the 60s and 70s.

Temperatures will continue to be cool, with many near 5 degrees below average on Sunday.

The Carolinas will be the coolest compared to average, at up to 20 degrees below the usual temperature for this time of year. Highs will be in the 60s and 70s in these states.

Forecast high temperatures in the Northeast this weekend

There will be the chance for a few showers and thunderstorms near the Gulf and Carolina coasts on Saturday. In eastern Virginia and North Carolina storms could be severe with isolated instances of damaging winds and large hail possible.

Sunday will likely be the driest day overall in the Southeast with the sun shining, making for a perfect pool day. Portions of the Florida Peninsula may contend with an afternoon thunderstorm ahead of a cold front, which essentially divides the hot and mild air masses. The chance for additional showers will remain in place for Virginia and North Carolina.

Memorial Day will be nice for most in the region. Temperatures will warm slightly in the Gulf Coast states with highs in the 80s. The risk for passing thunderstorms will continue in Florida.

Strong storms in the Plains

Rounds of storms are expected as a new storm system slowly forms near the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains on Saturday.

There is also the risk for severe thunderstorms, with tornadoes, damaging winds and large hail all possible, although it’s still too early to determine how significant the threat is.

Rain is most likely Saturday across portions of the northern Plains and Texas. The radar will become more active and widespread on Sunday across similar areas, especially closer to the mountains and higher elevations in the central and southern Plains.

The highest of elevations in the Colorado Rocky Mountains may be cold enough for a few inches of snow Sunday into Monday.

Storms will remain possible from the Front Range through the Central Plains, with the risk for showers extending into parts of the Midwest on Monday.

Forecast rainfall accumulations this weekend in the Plains

Flooding or ponding will be possible, with 2 to 4 inches of rainfall currently forecast in some locations this weekend.

Thanks to all the rain and storms, temperatures will be on the cool side through the duration of the holiday weekend across the Plains and Midwest. Widespread high temperatures of 10 to 15 degrees below average are likely.

Rising temperatures in the West

The West managed to dodge the heat earlier in the week, but temperatures will rise across the region through the weekend. Warmer temperatures will be forced farther north, up the West Coast.

Temperature departures from normal this weekend

Saturday will be the coolest day of the weekend overall, but temperatures will still be slightly above normal across the Southwest and interior coastal regions. Highs will be around 100 degrees in the desert region and parts of the valley in California and in the 90s across much of the remainder of the Southwest.

The interior Northwest will still feel temperatures just below average Saturday with highs in the 70s and 80s, but that will change for the rest of the weekend.

The warmer air will shift from the Southwest to the Northwest, with highs up to 20 degrees above the typical temperature for late-May, from northern California into Washington state by Monday.

Highs on Monday will be in the 80s and 90s in the Northwest and 90s and 100s throughout the Southwest, except the coast which will be cooler due to the chilly water temperatures.

Temperatures will continue to go up into next week, with record daily highs possible on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The dry weather will accompany the warmth, making for ideal weather for outdoor plans with only a few clouds dotting the sky.