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Take it from the dads here on the team this Father’s Day: We don’t need any more ship-themed aftershave, candy-striped ties or wacky “Star Trek” T-shirts. (And for the record, the “Star” franchise we’re into is the one with the Jedi, not Geordi.) Don’t get us wrong — we love them, and love the sentiment behind them even more. But, honestly, there are other things we’d find more useful or fun to receive on Father’s Day than dinosaur-shaped golf tees.

That’s why we dads are politely, no-so-subtly suggesting — no, begging — that instead of taking the stroller down the greeting cards aisle of your local department store, Amazon Launchpad be your first stop for the Father’s Day shopping this year.

Why Amazon Launchpad? Well, we live in a time when there’s an unmistakable sameness to everything everyone is buying these days. Heck, we even know one grandmother who somehow got the same Mother’s Day cards from all her grandkids, even though they live in completely different parts of the country! So it’s been a real struggle, especially since we’ve all been shopping online more by necessity and for convenience, to find a really unique gift that doesn’t get lost among other products that every store, online and brick-and-mortar, seems to be dipping into nowadays. Amazon Launchpad helps promote small businesses with great ideas tailored to real people like you — and the dads in your life.


Here are some of our favorite Amazon Launchpad items this Father’s Day.

Retro dads will love this throwback keyboard that will seamlessly integrate with their tablets while providing that satisfying clickety-clackety feedback that some of us grayhairs actually remember and miss. It’s a solid, metal piece of German engineering that can work wired or via Bluetooth, and the return bar even acts as an Enter key or can be programmed to paste signatures or perform other functions.

Canvia Smart Digital Art Frame

Qwerkywriter S Typewriter-Inspired Retro Mechanical Wired & Wireless Keyboard With Tablet Stand

Fathers who pined for their favorite galleries and art museums during the pandemic will surely appreciate this elegant frame that will display treasured photos or images from their own libraries but that can also draw from a library of over 10,000 classic and contemporary works from the finest museums in the world.

Jaimie Jacobs Flapstar Magic Wallet

No, this isn’t the kind of magic that produces rabbits or makes your money disappear. The Jaimie Jacobs Flapstar Magic Wallet is a slim, calfskin, RFID-blocking piece that uses one-of-a-kind no-fold technology to help ensure that an unseemly wallet bulge will never again ruin your papa’s otherwise perfectly fitted suit.

Foldies Polarized Folding Aviators

While we’re still navigating that line between stylish and portable, why not throw in these ultracool polarized aviators, a shatterproof, scratch-resistant cool-dad staple that folds up to make room in Dad’s pocket for an extra applesauce pouch and cheesy goldfish-shaped snacks.

Pop-Up Fire Pit

Camp-fanatic dads will go gaga for this instant fire pit, which sets up in 60 seconds while still providing an ultrasafe way for them to live out their innermost caveman fantasies. (S’mores not included.)

Nomodo U Premium Personal Wearable Bluetooth Sound System

On the other end of the spectrum, techie daddies will finally get to escape to a soundscape a million miles away while still parked on their recliners with this wireless surround sound speaker system that fits around the neck like a life vest — literally immersing them in their favorite live concerts, symphonies or video games. And by not requiring headphones, it reduces ear fatigue — and makes sure Dad’s ears are fully capable of receiving incoming requests for hugs.