Peru's Shining Path rebel group kills 16 ahead of presidential elections, says military

(CNN)Peruvian authorities say members of the Shining Path rebel group have killed 16 people, including two children, in a poverty-stricken, coca-growing region southeast of the capital, Lima.

According to a statement released by Peru's Armed Forces on Monday, the group carried out the killings in a region known as VRAEM (Valle de los Rios Apurimac, Ene y Mantaro) on the night of May 23, burning some of the victim's bodies.
"This type of action [massacre] is called by the terrorist organization as 'social cleansing' and was carried out with firearms," the military statement said.
    Shining Path has not claimed responsibility for the attack.
      A pamphlet warning people not to vote or to spoil the ballot in the country's second round of the Presidential election on June 6 was also found at the site of the attack, the military statement said.
        "Peruvian people: boycott the bourgeois elections, because it is not your way. Do not go to vote. Vote blank. Vote null or flawed," said the pamphlet, which has been shared on local media and social media.
        Authorities say they are investigating the motives for the attack.
          The election that voters don't want anyone to win