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CNN  — 

President Joe Biden’s foreign policy doctrine came into sharper relief this week as tensions came to a boil between Israel and Hamas in Gaza.

In a phrase, it was “quiet and intensive diplomacy,” or at least that’s how White House press secretary Jen Psaki summarized it on Monday. Biden touted the tactic in a prime time address from the White House on Thursday announcing a ceasefire – attempting to punctuate the first major foreign crisis of his presidency. 

Not everyone at home was won over by Biden’s “quiet” process, leading some Democrats to question Biden’s commitment to human rights and demanding he do more to pressure Israel.

Regardless, such behind-the-scenes diplomatic efforts were a far cry from the infighting, metaphorically speaking, happening on Capitol Hill.

Republicans essentially sent any hope of a January 6 commission into the shoals. Despite the bipartisan effort behind the bill’s creation, Republican leaders came out against it – virtually delivering the kiss of death.

After all, a commission focusing on the “Big Lie,” conspiracy theories and culpability by some current members could have a negative impact on the midterms and GOP efforts to retake the House.

Meanwhile, former President Donald Trump is gearing up for a summertime swing through key states including Ohio and Florida. Summer – and the start of midterm campaign season – are almost here.

The Point: This week put Biden’s foreign policy maneuvers to the test. He walked softly – and dealt largely behind the scenes. Only time will tell if it sticks.