Keewa Nurullah's family tree: One family's Tulsa race massacre survival story

Updated 5:44 PM ET, Fri May 21, 2021
RESTRICTED 01 Tulsa black wall street anniversary survivorRESTRICTED 01 Tulsa black wall street anniversary survivor
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Greenwood District tailor Simeon Neal, Sr. (No. 2) and his wife, Susan (No. 1), are pictured with their six children. The photo was taken in 1928, seven years after the Neals escaped the Tulsa race massacre with their oldest child, Marjorie (No. 3), and their firstborn son, Simeon Neal Jr. (No. 4), who was an infant at the time of the massacre. Courtesy Keewa Nurullah
Simeon Neal, Jr. (No. 4) wed Rosa Lee Campbell (No. 3) in Chicago's South Park Methodist Church in 1948. His parents, Susan (No. 5) and Simeon Neal, Sr. (No. 6), as well as Campbell's parents, James (No. 2) and Velma Campbell (No. 1), are photographed with the couple. Courtesy Keewa Nurullah
Simeon Neal, Jr. (No. 3) takes a photo with his daughter Shanta Nurullah (No. 1) (born Velma Neal) and granddaughter Keewa Nurullah (No. 2) in 1998. Courtesy Keewa Nurullah
Keewa Nurullah (No. 2) stands with her husband, Doug Freitag (No. 1), and their two kids Noni (No. 3), age 3 and Faraz (No. 4), age 5, outside Kido, their family-owned children's apparel, book and toy store on Chicago's South Side, in January 2021. Ali Stone