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A vast majority of Republicans are still all in on former President Donald Trump – and a new CBS/YouGov poll reveals just how deep the obsession within the party goes.

For starters, polling showed GOPers want the Republican Party’s policies to be modeled off Trump, not vice versa.

More than three-quarters of Republicans polled say the party should follow more of Trump’s example on key issue areas, including:

  • 89% want a Trumpian take on economic issues.
  • 88% want to follow Trump’s example on immigration issues.
  • 77% prefer Trump’s model for how to treat the media

Digging deeper into the poll’s top lines, an overwhelming majority of Republicans said Trump represents the party on every single policy issue asked about. The lowest percentage of GOP interest in a Trump-style policy effort? How Trump treats liberals, but even that mustered a solid 69% support.

This is yet another striking example of how the Republican Party base is intertwining with Trump himself. As CBS pollster Anthony Salvanto put it: “It’s a personal connection to him we’ve seen for years.”

The poll also found that 66% said other Republicans being loyal to Trump is important, which brings us to the matter of Liz Cheney. Among those polled, a whopping 80% of those who were familiar with the GOP move to oust Rep. Liz Cheney from House leadership supported it.

For all that was made of Cheney’s stand against Trump, this is yet another sign that the non-Trump lane within the Republican Party is extremely narrow, if it exists at all. 

The Point: Bad news for those searching for signs of a non-Trump path within the Republican Party. Right now, the vast majority of GOP members are still very big on the former President – and not much else.

– Lauren