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If you’ve ever experienced the frustration and, eventually, the satisfaction of teaching a child to tie their own shoes, ride a bike or sign their own name, you know that there’s no greater gift you can give that child than self-reliance.

When that kid is basically an adult but still has some growing up to do, like a college student, recent grad or someone moving in their first apartment, those lessons get more important — and more expensive. Think dented fenders from driving lessons, impulse purchases on that first credit card and, well, every consequence of that first college spring break.

Home Chef’s offering a way for those new adults to learn an invaluable life skill for an affordable price and for a limited time, CNN readers can get a $90 discount when you use the code CNN90.

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Arguably the most important lesson a young adult can learn is how to feed themselves. Obviously, not like a toddler dumping a forkful of “psghetti” on her own head — we’re talking about thinking about making a meal plan for the week, selecting the right ingredients, prepping the kitchen workspace and foods, then actually cooking up a healthy, filling meal. You know, the things Mom and Dad did for them three times a day for nearly two decades without maybe a grunt as thanks once in a while. It’s a seemingly humdrum routine that requires practical expertise in nutrition and health, time management, budgeting and more (i.e., adulting).

For the young person who’s ready to stop throwing money away on a “takeaway every day” lifestyle, Home Chef is the perfect gift. Home Chef delivers kits with everything they need for a full, convenient and nutritious meal that they can make themselves. Each kit comes with an easy-to-understand and step-by-step recipe card, and every ingredient they need in the portions they require. And they’re time-savers — options include meals that can be ready in as little as five minutes.

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Because every person has different nutritional needs and philosophies about life, Home Chef ensures that there’s a meal plan for everyone. Vegetarians can feel assured that they’ll have plenty of meal plans just for them to choose from. Are they watching their carbs? There are carbohydrate-low recipes aplenty. And for those who just want to lose some weight and keep an eye on their calorie intake, Home Chef has designed lots of meals that are both low-cal and tasty. Customers get over 30 choices to pick from every week, meaning you can be sure the recent grad or young adult you’re buying a plan for will be eating enough and eating well, because there are enough dietician-approved meals for even the pickiest eater to find something to like.

With menus like Cajun scallop risotto; sirloin steak and garlic-tomato demi; mushroom-and-asparagus chowder and blue cheese; and smoked-almond pork chop, it’d be easy to imagine it would be a service out of the price range of your average recent college grad. But Home Chef is affordable even for a first-job or internship budget. And when you refer someone to Home Chef, you both get a free $35 in your accounts — the first several meals are on them! You can get your young loved one started right away with a Home Chef gift card. Also, remember to apply the code CNN90 at check out to receive a $90 discount on Home Chef’s recommended meal plan.

Adulting is hard, but we can make the lessons it takes to get there fun, affordable and delicious.