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There are few situations that can make you feel as frantic as that moment when you’re heading out the door, you reach for your keys and you come back empty-handed. What follows is usually a mad dash through the house while furiously rummaging through your stuff before you finally manage to find what you’re looking for and wonder how it got there in the first place. Put simply, losing track of your things throws off your entire day.

With Tile, you can say goodbye to midday disruptions and never lose track of your valuables again. Tile is the original and most highly rated Bluetooth tracker that keeps track of your stuff. Lightweight and convenient in size, the tracker can be easily attached to everything from your key ring to your wallet and even that pesky TV remote that’s always missing, with no additional accessories needed for use.

Compatible with Android and iOS phones, Tile uses its free app to keep track of your stuff. When something with the Tile attached to it goes missing, simply use the app to ping the Tile, which will ring until it’s found. And we know what you’re thinking: What happens if you lose your phone? Fortunately, Tile works both ways. As long as you have your Tile on hand, you can press the button on it, which will make your phone ring — even if it’s on silent mode.

Having a few Tiles around gives you peace of mind knowing your essential items are just a click away. Here are a few of the Tile products we like to keep handy for when our things (inevitably) go missing.

The Mate ($24.99; tile.com)

The Mate

Designed for everyday life, and at just $24.99, The Mate is perfect for keeping track of those things you reach for several times throughout the day, like your keys, purse and phone. The Bluetooth tracking device can find your things as long as you’re within 200 feet of them and signals a fairly loud ring when found, which makes it ideal for searching for misplaced items if they’re hiding somewhere around the house.

The Pro ($34.99; tile.com)

The Pro

The Pro takes finding up a notch. With a Bluetooth range of 400 feet and the loudest ring of all, this model is Tile’s most powerful tracking device. The durable tracker can be attached to those essential everyday items like keys and purses, and, given its wide range, it’s especially helpful for those panic-stricken moments when you think you may have left your bag behind at a store or dropped your keys during a walk. The Pro comes with a replaceable battery and is available in several colors.

The Slim ($29.99; tile.com)

The Slim

For those who frequently misplace their wallet, the Slim is the solution for you. Designed to be the size of a credit card — and nearly as thin as one too — this tracking device can easily be tucked into your wallet without taking up any prime real estate — not to mention its sleek size makes it ideal for more than just wallets. Use it to keep track of a laptop, an iPad or anything else with a flat surface that you want within arm’s reach at any given moment.

Limited Edition (starting at $28; tile.com)

Limited Edition

Who said tracking devices had to be boring? Add some flair to your things with Tile’s Limited Edition Collection. Splashed in fun prints and bold colors, the Limited Edition Tiles are not only an easy way to add some personality to your personal items, but also their standout designs may also help you find your things even quicker (especially if you’re a visual person). Get 20% off special limited-edition Tiles only at Tile.com.