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For anyone trying to plan a safe, stable future for themselves and their potential family, the pandemic, politics and the GameStop stock saga make it tempting to throw their hands up in the air and put everything in lottery tickets. (Don’t do this!)

But for anyone paying attention, it’s just more evidence to reinforce the importance of diversifying your income streams, the value of passive income and the importance of leveraging current technology to achieve that oldest of goals: making money. And, of course, it’s all been a reminder that it’s never too early to start planning for retirement.

Roofstock’s the obvious place to go for those who’ve learned those lessons, making getting started in real estate — specifically investment rental property — a cinch.

Rental properties have historically been a great buffer against losses when the stock market is acting unpredictably (and if the last couple of years have shown, we’re arguably in as volatile a period as we’ve ever been). Plus, they’ve always been useful for their appreciation in value, like parking your money in a savings fund that not only all but guarantees a solid return in a few years but that also generates monthly income until you decide to sell at a (usually substantial) profit.

For those just starting a family or still in the thinking-about-it stage with their significant other, it can be a brick-and-mortar nest egg that you let mature in value for 18 years — and that could mean the difference between having four years of college tuition on hand and having to apply for a student loan. Is it worth throwing the dice on paying for college with roller coaster stock prices or ephemeral fads like cryptocurrencies or NFTs? Maybe not when Roofstock’s found single-family rentals to be a particularly great investment in 2021.

Obviously, it’s not as simple as it used to be to go on a tour of potential real estate investments either near or far — and it was never exactly simple. Roofstock’s marketplace lets users both buy and sell investment real estate from the comfort and safety of their homes, providing would-be buyers with all the salient property data at a glance while backing it up with in-depth analytics (like neighborhood scores) and documentation and inspection reports from a team of experts. Roofstock gives users an early peek at many of its properties before they hit the general marketplace too.

If you’re looking at a rental property as a side investment, you’re likely to be interested in being a hands-off landlord rather than a property manager whose job is to field phone calls about leaky pipes at 3 a.m. Roofstock helps you hire vetted professional property managers who can take the daily grind of property management off your hands so you can let the money from your investment roll in while you tend to your real job. You can even live your own life on the other side of the country while your property makes money for you, if you like.

Choose to be able to touch and feel your future wealth in a brick-and-mortar rental investment property whether in your own hometown or 1,000 miles away — and stop tearing out your hair because some numbers coming out of New York are red instead of green.