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When you were little, your mother used to say she could eat you right up because you were sweeter than honey. This year, you get to tell her her dreams will finally come true — because she can finally have you in candy form, thanks to personalized M&M’S.

That’s right: Even after a year that dragged on forever, Mother’s Day is suddenly right around the corner again, a surprise as welcome as when she let you watch “Full House” even though you were still on a time-out for trying to give the dog a haircut. And because your mom’s favorite thing in the world is you (after all, that’s what she tells you all the time), and because you’re the sweetest thing in the world (because, again, she says so), the only logical gift for her is the second-sweetest thing with your face on it: a personalized M&M.

Or a picture of her face, because you love her just as much as she loves you (which is infinity, natch). Or a picture of the both of you from when you were a baby. Or a picture of her Cavalier King Charles spaniel, Moogie (whom you may secretly suspect is her new favorite baby, but let’s keep this about Mom, not you and your insecurities). Or just the letters M-O-M, because that’s what it’s all about, or even L-U-V, because “mom” always meant “love” to you growing up, and also your mother isn’t an English teacher.

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What we’re trying to say is that M&M’S is offering you the most unique (and tasty) way for you to tell your mom that she was and remains the best mother on the planet: colorful, personalized M&M’S candies that can be packaged in new products like a pretty Mother’s Day gift jar, or splendid gift box with a heart-shaped window and flowery print, or candy-splosion theme.

You can customize each M&M with a message (“I love you, Ma!”), a graphic (teddy bear clutching a heart, anyone?) or even an actual, tiny photo, then select up to three colors per gift. Is Mom a sports fan? Team colors are a cinch. Would a floral palette of yellow, pink and purple remind her of that memorable day at the botanical garden with just the two of you on her birthday two years ago? Or is she obsessed with Tim Burton movies? Then get her black, white and red M&M’S with the grinning visage of Jack Skellington dressed as Santa. (The things moms get into, right?)

You can take your ideas for a whirl at the M&M’S website and play around with the possibilities yourself — then, when you’ve created the perfect piece of sweet, chocolately candy art, wrap them in that new Happy Mother’s Day gift box or a gift jar (which says either “Happy Mother’s Day” or “Best Mom Ever,” because it’s true). If your mom’s more of a candy lover from a distance these days (which is perfectly OK, because moms are allowed to be weird that way) but still loves the M&M’S brand and its classic cast of characters, there’s the M&M’S nightgown and M&M’S Candy Lounge Set, which will have you calling her the sweetest thing ever for a change.

And did we mention Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 9th? Order today for guaranteed delivery, and don’t forget to check the M&M’S site for great discounts, plus free shipping on all orders over $49.

Long after your mother’s finished off the last M&M in her Mother’s Day present from you this year, she’s going to be tasting the sweetness of your bond, because you gave her the gift only you could have given her, and because love is even sweeter than candy.