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Hi! We just wanted to pop by and say congratulations on the new member of your family!

No, not that one. The one who almost instantly became your kids’ favorite. No, not her, either. The one who, if we’re being honest, is kind of an attention hog and seems to suck up everyone’s energy to the detriment of things like having family conversations, doing homework or even just going outside for a few minutes.

That’s right, we’re talking about your kids’ smart device.

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In today’s world of incessant work demands, overscheduled kids’ calendars and too little free time all around, smart devices aren’t just an extra tool in a parent’s arsenal — they’ve become essential. Not just as ways to keep your children entertained (and quiet and not destroying anything) for an hour or two but as increasingly useful and necessary instruments for learning and social contact. But there’s a line between using smart devices to help you parent and letting them take over your children’s lives.

That’s where Qustodio comes in, and with a special offer through CNN (using the code CNN15OFF), you can save 15% off of all premium plans anywhere in the world through June 18. In no time, you’ll be monitoring your kids’ internet use in a way that won’t be overbearing but that lets you know they’re safe.

Qustodio acts as a gentle gatekeeper for all your children’s online activities, letting you monitor what they’re doing on their devices from a distance, letting you set time limits on their usage and giving you the option of tracking calls and devices to see who your child is talking to or texting and where they’ve been.

All you have to do is download the Qustodio app to your device and your child’s, a quick and painless setup that’ll have you in control of their screen time almost instantly. Once you’re on, you can set filters to block out pornography, games or other inappropriate apps or sites you don’t want them on — and even your cleverest kid won’t find a workaround in her browser’s private mode. You can also set how much screen time they’re allowed, no matter which device they switch to. You can see where they’re going in real life too, thanks to the Family Locator.

And you can nip a tween’s social media addiction in the bud — an important tool in addressing the growing problem of cyberbullying. You’ll know who they’re calling or texting when and for how long, and Qustodio even lets you see exactly what they’re watching on YouTube and whether that “cat video” they keep going to really is a cat video. When things get really concerning, there’s an SOS panic button your child can press on his or her Android device that’ll send you location-based alerts so you or the authorities can get there right away. For more on how Qustodio works, go here.

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Qustodio is available for multiple platforms like Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iOS, Chromebook and Kindle — an option that other parental control apps lack. Parents, you have the flexibility to maintain screen time, block apps, access to text messages and filter what your kids have access to on the internet. Qustodio is here with your kids in mind. They can have fun with their electronics and you have peace of mind — a win-win.

Think of it this way: Having your spouse’s irresponsible little brother stay in the basement for “just a couple months” after his divorce can be a lifesaver when you’ve got to run to the market for an hour. And, sure, the kids love him — what’s not to love about a grown man using his three-speed bike to reenact the time he broke his arm trying to jump over a minivan on his motorcycle? But is a man who gives his bike the name “Awesome Hog 4” really the person you want sitting down at the table with you to chart out a path for your children’s educational, emotional and social growth? Qustodio lets your kids have their fun with Uncle Brad, in reasonable spurts, but also makes sure they’re safely asleep in their beds when they need to be and not off with Brad on one of his signature spur-of-the-moment road trips to Vegas.

Like any addition to your family, a child’s smart device can be an invaluable combination of babysitter, teacher and entertainer — or it can be an Uncle Brad. Use the code CNN15OFF now through June 18 for 15% off Qustodio premium products, and make sure Uncle Brad isn’t the one helping your kids pick out colleges.