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With spring, we traditionally start to think about what we can do for the two mothers we care so deeply about: the ones we take out to brunch on Mother’s Day, and Mother Nature, who we celebrate on Earth Day.

And why not? Without the nurturing love and generosity of both of our moms, we wouldn’t be around today. But now that we’re all grown up and making it on our own, it’s time to give back to them — after all, it takes only a little regular love from each of us to keep both our moms healthy and happy, but it could take decades of work to undo neglect.

So it’s time to give our mothers the hug they can feel all year long: a Bearaby weighted blanket. With a patented, award-winning open-weave design, the Bearaby blanket applies a gentle but deep-pressure touch that makes it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep. And Bearaby’s committed to sustainability and using only eco-friendly materials in its products. That means organic, plant-based fibers, water-conserving farming principles and fair-trade practices. That’s the extra hug you’re giving to Mother Nature.

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This is the kind of gift a mom really deserves this year. Coming in three weights (15 pounds, 20 pounds and 25 pounds), anyone will be able to find the right amount of comfort-inducing pressure for them without feeling either uncovered or smothered. Bearaby blankets also come in a variety of styles and materials. There’s the flagship Cotton Napper, made of 100% organic cotton and in a spectrum of tasteful colors. The Tree Napper is made from cooling eucalpytus fibers and is soft as silk. Both the Tree Napper and Cotton Napper are also biodegradable. Every Bearaby blanket is hand-knit, and the weight comes from the fabric, not metal plates or other inserts. Plus, they’re all safe to use in washing machines and dryers, and shipping is free.

That dedication to making the world a better place is part of every step in the process of creating a Bearaby blanket. Their cotton is organic, long-staple Indian cotton that uses only 10% of the water that conventional farming methods do. It’s certified by the Global Organic Textiles Standard, the Oeko-Tex (Standard 100) and Fair Trade International. The Tree Napper’s fabric comes from an Austrian farm where the eucalyptus is grown using natural, sustainable processes. They’re less water-intensive and save 90% of the water that conventional methods would use. Everything comes in recycled packaging which is entirely plastic free, and the accompanying muslin bags are reusable. Bearaby supports the One Tree Planted charity.

If you want a companion piece for a Bearaby gift for a mother, there’s the Nappling for the wee one, a child-sized, 8-pound Cotton Napper, which comes in four neutral colors that’ll match any nursery, including a special four-color Napper that’ll bring up Mom’s own memories of nibbling on Neapolitan ice cream as a kid.

Bearaby Nappers make a great gift for this time of year, whether you’re shopping for someone else on Mother’s Day or just want to make a difference on Earth Day.