9 things that weren't scary before the pandemic but are now

Updated 2:23 PM ET, Sun March 14, 2021

(CNN)What was nice about the Before Times was that, for most people, social interactions and outings could be carefree. We miss them, and that's a big reason why we long for the pandemic to end. But when life stabilizes in the new, new normal, how will we really feel about resuming activities we used to do — like dining out or shaking hands?

The world isn't fully safe yet, but vaccinated people whose states have reopened to some extent may find themselves in a strange, nerve-wracking environment.
People with obsessive-compulsive disorder and cleaning rituals, trauma, or anxiety disorders may have an especially difficult time reacclimating.
"What was familiar no longer seems as familiar," said Lynn Bufka, the senior director of pract