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For way too long, anyone who’s wanted to buy a beauty or skin care product has had to make a choice between using a natural remedy or one backed by science, as if you couldn’t have one if you wanted the other.

WOW Skin Science has never accepted that false dichotomy. Originating in India, a country that has always found a way to marry the spiritual to the scientific, WOW Skin Science is an award-winning brand of natural hair, skin and lifestyle products that’s won buzz from everyone from Elle and Real Simple to PopSugar and BuzzFeed. Around the world, health-conscious consumers who want conscientious products that actually work have fallen in love with WOW’s holistic, vegan, ethically sourced and cruelty-free beauty solutions, which are produced without parabens or sulfates.

And what better time to introduce yourself to WOW Skin Science than with spring right around the corner, when our bodies crave that toxin-flushing spring cleaning that we do for our homes but so often forget to do for ourselves?

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Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo and Coconut + Avocado Oil Conditioner

An obvious starting point for your bodily spring cleaning is WOW’s bestselling Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo and Coconut + Avocado Oil Conditioner, which features raw Himalayan apple cider vinegar and takes advantage of its ingredients’ natural antibacterial and antifungal properties to not just address the outward symptoms of hair conditions like dandruff and scalp acne but to help eliminate their root causes. With each treatment, you’ll make your scalp healthier, balance pH levels and make your hair stronger and shinier. It’s a deep detox that’ll erase all that buildup from other unhealthy chemical-laden products, wash away the excessive discharge of natural hair oils from your sebaceous glands and unclog your follicles, making way for healthy hair growth.

Follow that up with WOW’s Vitamin C Foaming Face Wash With Brush, which cleans away dirt, pore-clogging contaminants and makeup residue with gentle, hypoallergenic soft-silicone bristles that exfoliate your skin and add plant-based vitamin C to renew your epidermis and shield against damaging free radicals.

For a more thorough scrub, the Ubtan Face & Body Scrub uses an ancient ayurvedic secret to give you the wedding-day glow of a picture-perfect bride (Ubtan is a traditional beauty recipe used by Indian brides before their wedding day). This mixture of antioxidant-rich almond, walnut and chickpea powders smooths away dead skin cells, replenishes and tightens living tissue with rosewater, and both brightens and calms skin with turmeric and saffron extract. Finally, oils of sweet almond, sandalwood and the Moroccan argan tree nourish skin and leave it with a healthy glow. It’s safe for use up to twice a week.

Castor Oil

WOW’s Castor Oil is a timeless remedy that helps hair growth, makes your hair softer, fights frizz and reduces split ends. It’s a wonderful carrier oil for essential oils if you’re into making your own massage oil or hair treatment. You can continue the self-care routines from your spring cleaning journey by incorporating castor oil into your own individualized skin or hair treatment for the rest of the year, springtime or not.

Words like “holistic” and “natural” don’t have to be dirty words when it comes to healthy living, and “scientific” and “modern” can still have a place for those looking for a conscientious lifestyle that balances mind, body and spirit. WOW Skin Science’s all-natural solutions don’t use any animal testing or unethical sourcing and eliminate parabens and sulfates from the mix. These premium, authentic vegan products bring you the best of both the scientific world and natural traditions to make your skin and hair look better than ever, without any guilt. Remember to use code CNN25OFF to get 25% off sitewide.