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Even more welcome than when the local wings shop accidentally sends you an extra dozen, March Madness is finally upon us. And just as you’ve learned that you don’t dive into a heap of spicy, saucy wings without at least one whole roll of paper towels on the table, you can’t really enjoy March Madness to the fullest without the right TV.

What you really want is to have a big TV with crisp resolution and zero fast-motion judder. That means you want a top-of-the-line media room setup, like 8K or 4K resolution, good sound and screen sizes that don’t make you squint like when you were trying to read work emails off your first smartphone. With all of Samsung’s 2021 TV lineup now ready to order directly from the manufacturer — and with up to $3,000 off its TVs when you do order from them — you’ll be able to spend this March Madness like you’re watching from courtside, and you won’t have to spend the rest of the year eating ramen noodles to pay it off.

Samsung QLED TV

That’s right: Starting March 15, Samsung is offering up to $3,000 off its 8K QLED TVs. If you want to know more about Samsung’s latest lineup, we’ve broken down all of the brand’s new TVs here, but you can expect better vibrancy, sharpness and contrast. In other words, you and your friends will be able to make a game of counting the beads of sweat on the losing coach’s face when his team’s down 29 points at halftime. Sizes range from 65 inches to a showstopping 85 inches. Plus, the remotes are more sustainable, with more recycled materials, a solar panel and USB-C port for recharging and a strong battery that’ll hold a charge for two years even in complete darkness.

4K QLED TVs may not be the very top of the line, but you’ll still feel like you’ve got the best seats in the stadium. Samsung’s offering up to $1,300 on select 4K QLED models, which range from 43 inches to 85 inches, but Samsung’s prices for its 4K line are already so reasonable that they’re basically giving you a free throw for nothing.

Samsung Frame TV

Finally, the Frame — Samsung’s way of taking the empty black screens that dominate our homes and turning them into wall art — will be $200 off, so you can compromise with the ones in your family who aren’t so obsessed with sports. When March Madness is over, the squeak of rubber soles on hardwood will be replaced by a soothing watercolor or scenic vista. (Be sure to negotiate baseball season, the hockey regular season and, of course, football ahead of time.)

You’re going to want to make sure you have your media room in place and ready to go before all of your favorite sport action starts, and Samsung’s 2021 TV lineup is where to start.