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The good news? We can finally start thinking about what it’s going to be like when we can go out in public and see our friends, co-workers and family again. The bad news? That also means we’ll inevitably start worrying about what their secret (or not-so-secret) opinions will be of our during-the-pandemic bods.

But even though it’s not as practical as it used to be to go to a gym regularly and hire a trainer, we can still get back into pre-pandemic shape with the help of an ingenious system that lets you have the personalized guidance of a one-on-one personal trainer without sacrificing the comfort, convenience and safety of staying at home.

To call Tempo an at-home gym is like saying the internet lets you look up someone’s address and phone number, then leaving it at that. Powered by state-of-the-art artificial intelligence that can actually see you and map out your movements in 3D, Tempo is what you get when old-fashioned elbow grease finally harnesses the brainpower of the latest 21st-century tech.

Here’s how it works: At its most basic, Tempo uses its camera to observe your movements as you work out, uses its algorithms to check what you’re doing against the proper form for the exercise you’re on, then lets you know what you’re doing wrong, if anything, and how to fix it. And as any former or aspiring gym bunny can tell you, arguably the most important thing a personal trainer does for you is check and correct your form — after all, you can do 1,000 crunches, but you’re not going to tighten up that belly if you’re not working the right abdominal muscles. With its 3D modeling, Tempo ensures that your technique is tight and that you’re not going to hurt yourself by straining in the wrong places. You get more work in on the muscle groups you want, quicker.

And like a personal trainer, Tempo counts your reps and keeps you focused on your goal — no more having to guess which set you’re on because you were so engrossed in your reps. It even one-ups a human trainer by showing you how much fitter you’re getting by giving you an attractive graphic that shows you how much you’ve progressed with each rep, set and workout session, making keeping motivated all the easier. You begin to look at your daily workouts not as chores but with the fun anticipation of leveling up in your favorite video game.


When you’re ready to up the challenge, Tempo can tell, and lets you know that you’ve graduated to a higher weight or more difficult regimens. It analyzes your fitness goals, suggests a workout style — like HIIT, strength training, mobility, cardio and more — and hooks you up with its huge library of on-demand video classes or real-time training sessions with a worldwide roster of the best coaches in the world, from studios including Equinox, Barry’s, Orange Theory and more. We’re talking positivity and encouragement, customized workouts from real humans whether you’re a newbie or a pro and the best trainers the world has to offer — not just half-hearted support from the guy at the gym down the street who’s too busy ogling the new gal in yoga pants to keep track of your reps.

The equipment the Tempo Studio comes with is impressive. It’s real equipment and weights, as worthy of a regulated competition as in your living room. You can go from 7.5 pounds to 100, and it includes a workout mat, recovery roller and heart rate monitor. For those ready to level up, you can purchase additional accessories. Best of all, you don’t have to be exiled to the garage in the middle of winter or the heat of summer to work out, since it’s been designed for real, lived-in homes. That means it takes up only 3 square feet, and everything, including its 42-inch touch screen, can fold up neatly into its easel-shaped cabinet. Even well after the virus has passed, it’ll be a fitness system you’ll be breaking out regularly for a long, long time.

If you’re like us and rarin’ to get back to a normal, healthy world where we can show off our fit, healthy bodies to people, then Tempo is the safe, guaranteed way to get yourself physically ready for brighter, healthier times.