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Fact-checkers are entering a new era under President Joe Biden’s administration. While Biden isn’t perfect, his claims are “more like a smattering” of false statements compared to “the daily avalanche” that came from former President Donald Trump, CNN’s fact-checker Daniel Dale said on “Reliable Sources.”

Like most politicians, Biden exaggerates and embellishes at times. Dale said Biden made at least four false statistical claims during a CNN town hall last week on issues including the minimum wage, undocumented immigrants, China’s workforce and the Covid-19 vaccine.

Politifact editor Angie Holan said the absence of Trump’s voice in daily media “has freed us up to fact-check other things,” including the power outages in Texas.

Dale has been able to focus on other fact-checking endeavors, too. “There’s still so much nonsense” and misinformation, Dale said. “I’m not going on vacation,” Dale said. “There’s a lot to do.”