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With the impeachment trial officially over and Congress’ attention up for grabs again, President Joe Biden got to the business of governing – and dove headfirst into selling his $1.9 trillion Covid-19 relief package, currently on track for a House vote next week.

On Tuesday, Biden traveled to Wisconsin, his first time leaving Washington in a month, for a CNN town hall where he laid out an ambitious vaccination timeline (“enough vaccines for every single American” by the end of July) and tried to clear up confusion about students returning to school.

While the US made progress in vaccinating more people and dipping infection rates, a historic winter storm crippled the middle of the nation, throwing vaccine supply chains into chaos and pushing the entire state of Texas into crisis.

Faced with bout after bout of winter storms and a power grid woefully unprepared, Texans were forced to fare with rolling power outages, boil water notices, food shortages and little end in sight.

After losing power at home in Houston, one Texan tried to head to warmer weather. Sen. Ted Cruz, who has a habit of criticizing other elected officials for vacationing during crises, was caught headed to Cancun, Mexico, on Wednesday night. Cruz only stayed one night in the tropical locale before heading back to Texas, appearing to blame his daughters before fully apologizing

Other Republicans are headed to another warm climate: West Palm Beach. Former President Donald Trump is fielding a growing number of Republicans looking for counsel from the 45th president at Mar-a-Lago. But, as Nikki Haley recently learned, not every interested caller gets a warm welcome.

The Point: Biden is headed full steam ahead with his Covid-19 relief package as the GOP reassesses its relationship with the 45th president.