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February 19, 2021

1. What chamber of the U.S. Congress found former President Donald Trump not guilty of the charge of incitement of insurrection?
2. In what nation have international health officials been investigating the origin of coronavirus, though the country has been limiting their search for answers?
3. What European nation, which achieved its independence from Denmark in 1944, is in the midst of its peak season for viewing the Northern Lights?
4. According to Wednesday's show, what state bore the brunt of two winter storms that moved across America this week, knocking out power and water supplies?
5. A new computer model animates the movement of what theoretical parts of the Earth, which are related to Alfred Wegener's theory of continental drift?
6. In what part of the world have 17 mysterious craters appeared since 2013 -- the most recent of which was explored and mapped using drone technology?
7. As discussed on Thursday's show, 80 percent of what part of the Earth has never been mapped in detail, though some scientists are using virtual reality to give more people a view of it?
8. Builders in Manitoba, Canada recently attempted a new Guinness World Record for completing what kind of structure, which is 91 percent bigger than their previous record?
9. What is the name of NASA's latest mission to Mars, whose rover attempted a difficult landing yesterday that could only be controlled autonomously?
10. What Italian volcano, which is believed to be the world's oldest continuously active volcano, began erupting again this week?
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