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Biden says teachers should be on 'list of preferred' to get Covid-19 vaccination
01:24 - Source: CNN
CNN  — 

The Biden administration is relishing the chance to put its new-and-improved distribution program on display with the release of the forthcoming Johnson & Johnson vaccine, but as the US Food and Drug Administration weighs authorization, expectations for a massive, imminent surge in available vaccine doses have been dashed. Federal health officials now expect to get fewer doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine in February and March, threatening their planned rollout.

Though the status of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine was brought up on the White House’s weekly governors call Tuesday, several state officials and health providers tell CNN they’re mostly in the dark about how the distribution will work. And due to a miscommunication over the production, CNN has learned the launch will be slower than federal health officials initially anticipated.

The administration is still expecting single-digit millions of doses if the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is authorized for emergency use by the FDA. Government officials initially thought that number would ramp up to between 20 or 30 millio