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Dinner can be the best time of your day or just a big burden. Whether you’re feeding a family or just you and your significant other, consistently coming up with healthy and varied options amid a busy schedule is a herculean task in any time. But in these times, when simply getting groceries can be a challenge, many are struggling to find ways to put healthy, nutritious food on the table without succumbing once again to takeout, which takes its toll on the waistband and the wallet.

The magic formula for dinner has always been being able to prepare better food in less time at a reasonable cost. And amid a slew of home-delivered meal kit services, relative newcomer Gobble is breaking through with a simple yet powerful proposition: delicious meals that expand your palate in less time to prepare (as little as 15 minutes from box to table). Gobble wants to make dinner stress-free for you, so from now until March 31, the brand is offering $20 off your first four boxes when you use the code CNN80OFF.

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One big differentiator of Gobble is that the ingredients are already prepped. Let’s face it: Some days you just don’t need the gratification of peeling the carrots yourself or slicing scallions perfectly. Gobble achieves a good balance of cooking and assembly so you still get the joy of being the home chef in less time.

With any meal kit service, taste and variety can make or break your experience. Gobble Executive Chef Thomas Ricci curates meals from a wide swath of culinary traditions, including French, Scandanavian, Mediterranean, Italian and Indian (as well as other Pan-Asian styles). Each week, you can choose from 12 to 15 entrees as well as a rotating menu of sides, soups, salads, breakfasts, premium kits and desserts. Included in these options is a good selection for vegetarians, pescatarians and pollotarians.

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Meal kits can also be tricky with kids, whom many parents have to cajole to eat anything outside of chicken nuggets and mac ’n’ cheese. So to avoid making two meals (one for you and one for the kids), Gobble also offers kid-friendly options for picky palates, such as baked rigatoni, chicken tortellini and Swedish meatballs with spaetzle — which you can upscale to a four-person plan.

Gobble also caters to those looking for ultra-healthy, calorie-conscious options with its Lean & Clean meals. This menu features lean proteins and healthy fats, with most meals under 600 calories. Gobble plans start at $11.99 per serving, and delivery is available in most of the continental US. You can also pause service when you’re away. To get started, Gobble is running an introductory offer to get your first six meals for $36 when you sign up online at Gobble or through the app.

Winning dinner is a daily battle, but Gobble can lead you to victory by putting healthy, diverse, delicious home-cooked food on the table even with an impossibly busy schedule. Remember to use the code CNN80OFF now until March 31 to get $20 off your first four Gobble boxes.