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There’s still an all-important step after deciding you want to get headphones — and that’s on-ear or over-ear. For those who want a fully immersive experience, the answer is the latter. But on-ear headphones offer a slimmer and more design-focused build.

Take the Solo Pro from Beats — not only are they our runner-up pick for Best ANC Headphones, but they offer a sleek design in several fun colors. And at just $159.99 from Stack Social, they’re close to the sale price we last saw during Black Friday. That’s nearly 50% off the $299.95 normal asking price.

So for just shy of $160, here’s what the Solo Pro offer. For starters, it’s a portable design, as the headphones can fold down into a soft fabric carrying case. Beats is pushing the wireless future with the Solo Pro, and that means no hardwired connectivity. Luckily, with Apple’s H1 chip inside, you’ll get fast pairing with an iPhone, and these even sync with your iCloud account. You can also easily pair these to an Android device, such as a Galaxy S21 or Google Pixel, through Bluetooth.

In our testing, these lasted over 40 hours with noise cancellation off and 21 hours with it on. And while these don’t wrap around the ear, the microphones inside and the processor do an excellent job of blocking out environmental sounds around you. Add in music playback and you’re in your own world.

Sound quality falls firmly in with what you’d expect from Beats in recent years. You can clearly make out instruments even on a crowded track, and there’s certain energy with high vocals that make them pop. It’s an enjoyable mix that no longer crazily emphasizes bass.

Last but not least, let’s talk about the colors. At the $159.99 price, you can score Solo Pro in Light Blue. It’s a nice-looking shade and will undoubtedly add a pop of color to your persona. More importantly, they pack a punch with noise cancellation, smart features and a functional design.

Beats Solo Pro are available now for $159.99 from StackSocial.