Green living in Dubai's Sustainable City

Published 8:35 PM ET, Wed January 20, 2021
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For one year, Phil Dunn is attempting to base his diet on food grown only where he lives, in Dubai's Sustainable City.
Described as the emirate's first net zero-energy development, the Sustainable City is meant to foster a community around social, environmental and economic sustainability. The Sustainable City Dubai
It extends across 46 hectares on the outskirts of Dubai. The Sustainable City Dubai
The development is surrounded by 2,500 trees serving as a buffer zone from pollutants. David Neeley/The Sustainable City Dubai
It offers 3,000 square meters for urban farming and is home to 11 biodome greenhouses, which grow a range of leafy produce. David Neeley/The Sustainable City Dubai
Buildings and parking lots are powered by solar panels. The Sustainable City Dubai
Residents can eat fresh eggs laid by the community's chickens. David Neeley/The Sustainable City Dubai
The cycle track encourages personal fitness. The Sustainable City Dubai