Omar Arrest Split
CNN reporter: I was handcuffed for much less than breaking into the Capitol
04:32 - Source: CNN
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Justice Horn was in broad daylight, but he could not see as he rose from the ground and blindly stumbled through darkness and pain.

The pain was the fire the community activist felt in his face and eyes in June 2020, as he had just been pepper-sprayed by a Kansas City police officer while peacefully protesting the death of George Floyd. “I’ve never felt any pain like that before,” Horn said. “Just to be standing there with no weapons — I don’t own a gun — but with a sign and just to turn and get Maced.”

At the protest, attendees chanted and held signs. They were standing on the sidewalks, not antagonizing the police, when hundreds of protesters were pepper-sprayed, pushed down, shoved into cop cars or shot with rubber bullets, he said.

A fellow activist called an Uber for Horn, who “remained blind for the rest of the day” and went to bed because he couldn’t see anything. “You hear stories and have family that have run-ins with law enforcement, but it’s another thing when you have personal experience,” Horn said. “Even if that cop’s gone, you’re always going to remember that.”