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While you’re spending more time than ever at home, we hope you’ve been turning your abode into the space of your dreams. We’ve been working hard to organize our junk, set up our WFH office and create a space that makes us smile each morning (since practically everything else is so chaotic). An amazing candle is the cherry on top that can transform your home into a cozy oasis, and sometimes even transport you to a destination you wish you could visit right now.

We understand that it may be more complicated than ever to run to your favorite store and smell candles in person, so we’ve scoured the web (and critiqued our personal collections) for our favorite scented candles to stock up on this winter. Remember: You can never really have too many.

Homesick Ski Trip Candle ($28.90, originally $34;

Homesick Ski Trip Candle

Homesick’s Ski Trip candle will remind you of the days on the slopes. Its fragrance is meant to recall a cozy ski cabin, with notes of frosted air, cocoa and cinnamon, that’s warm and festive.

P.F. Candle Co. Amber & Moss Soy Candle ($28;

P.F. Candle Co. Amber Jar 12.5oz Soy Candle

We can’t wait to cuddle up at home surrounded by the scent of this candle. When you light it, you’ll be transported to the mountains with scents of amber, musk, sage and lavender. Hand-poured in California, P.F. Candle Co. says this burns for 60 to 70 hours and is best for big rooms or spaces with high ceilings.

Diptyque Feu de Bois Candle (starting at $38;

Diptyque Feu de Bois/Wood Fire Candle

Diptyque’s Feu de Bois is one of the ultimate winter candles. As the name suggests (it translates to “wood fire”), it’s a smoky scent reminiscent of a real fireplace burning right in your home. Get ready to curl up with a good book next to this one.

The Birthdate Candle ($28, originally $38;

The Birthdate Candle

We’d recommend a Birthdate Candle at any time of the year, to be honest. Made with a soy and coconut wax blend, this candle is customized to your personality based on your birthday — basically the ultimate astrology candle. Keep in mind, though, that the fragrance of each candle is custom developed by a master perfumer to match your spirit, so it may not give wintry vibes, but it’ll be just for you.

Project 62 Ceramic Jar Oud Wood & Musk 3-Wick Candle Noir ($12.99;

Project 62 Ceramic Jar Oud Wood & Must  3-Wick Candle Noir

Target is truly the land of amazing candles, amongst other things. We’re digging this gorgeous matte black jarred candle by Project 62 that’ll look chic with any decor, priced at only $13. This soy-blend candle features three wicks for a more even burn, releasing woodsy scents of nutmeg, musk and amber.

Le Labo Santal 26 Classic Candle ($75;

Le Labo Santal 26 Classic Candle

The price tag on this candle is a little hefty, but it seriously might be worth the splurge. Reviewers love that the fragrance permeates throughout the whole house and is strong without being too perfumy. Housed in a heavy glass, this soy wax candle has notes of cocoa, vanilla, spices and sandalwood that are perfect for a winter day.

Serenity Scent Co Cinnamon Buns Candle (starting at $7.50;

Serenity Scent Co Cinnamon Buns Candle

Not many things are better than fresh baked goods on a chilly day, right? Hand-poured in Florida, this candle smells like cinnamon buns right out the oven, with hints of cinnamon, butter and vanilla. Even better: When you shop this candle, you’re supporting a small, Black-owned business.

Otherland Kindling Campfire Vegan Candle ($36;

Otherland Kindling Campfire Vegan Candle

We seriously can’t get enough of Otherland’s candles. For some serious wintry vibes, we’d pick this Kindling Campfire candle for sure. Like the brand’s other candles, this one is clean — meaning it’s cruelty-free and doesn’t include toxins like parabens and sulfates. Warm and spicy, it’s definitely worth a spot in your home.

Voluspa Maison Noir Crisp Champagne Maison Metallo 2-Wick Candle ($18;

Voluspa Maison Noir Crisp Champagne Maison Metallo 2-Wick Candle

We can always count on Voluspa for truly eye-catching packaging that serves as decoration even when you’re not burning the candle. Featuring a coconut wax blend, the Crisp Champagne candle smells as festive as it looks. With notes of brut champagne, vanilla and barrel oak, it’ll make you excited to celebrate every milestone to come.

Pet House by One Fur All Evergreen Forest Candle ($21.99;

Pet House by One Fur All Evergreen Forest Candle

As much as we love spending more time with our pets during quarantine, we don’t love the smells they leave behind. Freshen up your home with this odor-neutralizing candle, meant to eliminate pet odor as it burns. We’d opt for the evergreen forest scent this season, which smells of coniferous pines, crushed leaves and sweet balsam.

Jo Malone London Pomegranate Noir Scented Home Candle ($69;

Jo Malone London Pomegranate Noir Scented Home Candle

If you prefer a more vibrant, fruity scent, give Jo Malone’s Pomegranate Noir a spin. With notes of pomegranate, Casablanca lily and guaiac wood, you’ll get a fragrance that’s a little sweet and a little smoky.

Opalhouse Lidded Glass Jar 2-Wick Candle Cozy Nights ($10;

Opalhouse Lidded Glass Jar 2-Wick Candle Cozy Nights

The adorable packaging and phenomenal deal on this candle caught our attention, but its aroma is what steals the show. It smells of bergamot, tobacco and caramel for a fragrance that’ll help you enjoy your cozy night in.

Bohéme Goa Wanderlust Candle ($45;

Bohéme Goa Wanderlust Candle

The minimal design of this glass vase is stunning to say the least. Bohéme’s candles are clean-burning and meant to evoke wanderlust and adventure around the globe. Take yourself on a journey to the Arabian Sea as notes of sparkling citrus, nag champa, patchouli and white musk fill your room, inspired by the Indian state of Goa.

Byredo Bohemia Fragranced Candle ($43;

Byredo Bohemia Fragranced Candle

Byredo is a big name in the world of fragrance, and it doesn’t disappoint with the Bohemia Candle that’s meant to evoke the feeling of wandering. Invite musky notes of rum, geranium and vanilla into your home with this candle that one reviewer describes as “delicious.” After all, there’s no better time than now to dream of your next escape.

Tom Ford Fabulous Candle ($132;

Tom Ford Fabulous Candle

We’ve spotted this candle in the homes of some of our favorite influencers, and probably because it helps you feel f*cking fabulous. Here’s the perfect excuse to splurge on yourself (or a lucky giftee for Valentine’s Day) a bit this winter. Tom Ford’s Fabulous Candle features notes of clary sage, bitter almond and blonde woods that’ll give your home a lusciousness unlike anything you’ve smelled before.

Apotheke White Vetiver Candle ($38;

Apotheke White Vetiver Candle

Apotheke calls this “a sultry fragrance,” so we’re definitely grabbing it to spice things up a bit this winter. Housed in the brand’s signature frosted glass vase, this candle smells of cashmere, eucalyptus and lilac with the warmth of earthy vetiver and cedarwood.

Lex Pott Twist Duo Standing Taper Candle (starting at $40; or $40;

Lex Pott Twist Duo Standing Taper Candle

The Lex Pott Twist Candle is easily one of our favorites this season that seriously might be too much of a masterpiece to light. This work of art features two wicks that you can burn simultaneously, and as they burn the candlesticks just get shorter. No need for a vase. Here’s the thing, though: This candle is unscented, so although it may not fill your space with cozy scents, it’s sure to be an Insta-worthy piece.

Boy Smells Prunus Scented Candle ($32;

Boy Smells Prunus Scented Candle

Boy Smells is on a mission to help you celebrate your unique identity and cultivate some real self-love. Packaged in a glossy black tumbler with a pink label, the Prunus candle features notes of yuzu, Asian plum and earthy oakmoss that’ll add a lush and fruity vibe to any space you place it in.

Jonathan Adler Muse Noir Ceramic Candle ($78;

Jonathan Adler Muse Noir Ceramic Candle

This candle, housed in an elegant porcelain vase, is nearly impossible to ignore. Even better: We think it’s great for winter because it features notes of bergamot, black plum, amber and vetiver that’s just a bit masculine. We’re also a fan of the midnight black wax that creates a beautiful glow when lit.

Anecdote Candles Mistletoe Candle ($34;

Anecdote Candles Mistletoe Candle

Are you sad that the holiday season is over? Us too. We’re stocking up on Anecdote’s Mistletoe Candle to remind us of our jollier days. Made for a clean burn, this hand-poured candle has notes of apple, blackberry and black currant that’ll bring fruity goodness into your life.

Illume Noble Holiday Collection Winter White Candle ($26.50;

Illume Noble Holiday Collection Winter White Candle

A candle in a gold glass jar is literally irresistible. The added bonus here is that this candle by Illume smells like evergreen and frosted cypress with notes of white peppercorn, cardamom and a hint of sparkling citrus.

Wonderland Home Daydream Candle ($42;

Wonderland Home Daydream Candle

What does your perfect day look like? Ours involves getting our hands on this cool candle. We love the dreamy packaging, and that the Daydream Candle smells of coconut, hibiscus, musk and vanilla. Also, Wonderland’s candles are vegan and free of chemicals, dyes and paraffin wax.

Homesick Winter Mantel Candle ($34;

Homesick Winter Mantel Candle

We can always count on Homesick to have candles for our every mood, and its Winter Mantel Candle might be the ultimate winter scent. The candle features notes of eucalyptus, spruce and holly berry as a nod to your decorated mantel, but although the holidays are over, it can still be the most wonderful time of the year.

Desert Hippie Shop B!tch Don’t Kill My Vibes Lavender & Birch Candle (starting at $14;

Desert Hippie Shop B!tch Don't Kill My Vibes Lavender & Birch Candle

We’re committed to protecting our peace in 2021. Let this candle be your personal reminder not to let anyone ruin your positive vibes. The lavender and birch scent, adorned with fresh flowers on top, is sure to keep you in good spirits on the gloomiest days.

Nest New York Hearth Classic Candle ($42;

Nest New York Hearth Classic Candle

Nest’s Hearth Classic Candle is like your own portable fireplace. It smells of rich oud wood with hints of smoky embers that’ll make you crave a snow day in.

Chloe Glass Spiced Chai 3-Wick Candle ($29;

Chloe Glass Spiced Chai 3-Wick Candle

We hope flat, round candles never go out of style. We’ve had our eyes on this three-wick candle housed in a glass, geo-etched vessel with a lid that even features a chic tassel. For winter, we’re choosing the spiced chai scent that has notes of tobacco leaves, cinnamon, buttercream and dark maple syrup.