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The Google Home Mini, like the Amazon Echo Dot, really started the smart speaker revolution — and while the Google Home Mini launched in 2016, it’s still humming along with more smarts than ever before.

Right now at StackSocial the Google Home Mini is just $19.99 — nearly 60% off its original $49.95 price tag.

The big appeal of the Home Mini is adding the Google Assistant to your room. You can ask for your favorite music, a trivia game show to entertain the children and even questions. The assistant knows how far Earth is from the sun and the weather in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, alike. With the power of Google and an entire search engine behind it, the Assistant knows a ton.

The feature list is really never-ending, as the Google Assistant is constantly getting updates and tweaks to make the voice sound more natural and to understand the nuances of how we speak. You can even use the Home Mini to control smart devices like thermostats, plugs and even lights.

Lastly, the Home Mini isn’t going to take up a wild amount of space. It’s about the size of a Boston cream donut and comes in your choice of black or white. You can even pair two together in a stereo pair for bigger sound. At just $19.95, it’s an affordable way to add a smart speaker into the mix or kick-start your connected home. Just don’t blame us when you want to expand your smart speaker setup.