How to eat well in 2021

(CNN)This year will be marked as a year of continued uncertainty, anxiety and -- if you're like many people -- a lot of stress-related eating.

There is no need to stress about stress eating, though. As most of us await the arrival of new vaccines and the hope for a more healthful way of living, here are some tips to get a jump-start on fueling your body to feel better in 2021.

1. Let your inner wisdom guide your eating

    That means shifting your focus from calorie counting and self-judgment of food choices to eating more mindfully and listening to what your body is telling you it wants.
      "I recommend that patients learn to recognize internal feelings of hunger as well as identify food preferences including how they feel after they eat certain foods," said Lisa R. Young, registered dietitian nutritionist and author of "Finally Full, Finally Slim: 30 Days to Permanent Weight Loss One Portion at a Time."