The Weeknd Save Your Tears Video
The Weeknd reveals altered face in new music video
00:55 - Source: CNN
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We’ve spent some time in the past few months talking about The Weeknd’s face.

The singer has made appearances recently at awards shows and in music videos with what appeared to be a bruised, bloodied and bandaged face.

Now he’s freaked some of his followers out with yet another new look.

The Grammy winner posted a photo on his verified Instagram account Tuesday which looked as if he had undergone some major plastic surgery on his face.

But don’t worry, according to The Independent it’s all prosthetics for the new music video for his single “Save Your Tears.”

In it The Weeknd wears the same red jacket he’s rocked at his other appearances and shows off his “new look.”

Naturally social media had plenty to say, from horror that the change could possibly be real and permanent to jokes that The Weeknd couldn’t “feel his face” – a riff on one of his famous lyrics.

The singer nailed it at Kylie Jenner’s Halloween birthday party, using makeup and prosthetics to transform into Eddie Murphy’s character from “The Nutty Professor.”

And in 2019 he shocked fans when he cut his signature beard and hair.