Make a lazy New Year's Day feast with these snacks and drinks

Celebrate New Year's Day with an all-day brunch menu. Cook French toast or, if you prefer savory, fry up a Monte Cristo sandwich or two (above).

(CNN)Maybe you got caught up in New Year's Eve preparations, making sure you had enough bubbly to kick 2020 to the curb in spectacular fashion. Or maybe you just got caught up in the whirlwind of the holiday to-do list and put New Year's on the back burner until you had a spare moment ... which never happened.

For whatever reason, if you didn't think about what you might be eating and drinking on New Year's Day, you don't have to resort to sad leftovers. That's no way to start the year!
With a few pantry staples and fridge finds, you can make an all-day brunch menu that lets you ring in 2021 the way it deserves to be celebrated — with comforting carbs and quality couch time at home.

Bloody easy beverages

If the idea of quaffing vodka seems a bit harsh to you in the light of the day, make yourself a michelada — the Bloody Mary's more laid-back, beer-based cousin.
A light-bodied beer, like a pilsner or Mexican lager, is the ideal base here. Stir a can with tomato juice, if you've got it, plus lime juice, hot sauce and a splash of Worcestershire sauce. It's refreshing, tangy and just spicy enough to wake you up.
Serve each michelada in a glass rimmed with salt and cayenne pepper.
Or go even simpler with a bloody beer: simply beer and tomato juice. Known around the world by a few different names like a Red-Eye, Red Rooster or red beer, it eases you back to the land of the living with every sip.

More than mimosas

Similarly, if the idea of popping yet another bottle of prosecco is more than your belly can handle on New Year's Day, go easy on yourself with another beer cocktail that's as easy-drinking as a mimosa.
With its citrus kick, a shandy is oh-so refreshing. This version combines beer with fresh grapefruit juice.
Whether you know it as a shandy or a radler, this European drink is a half-and-half blend of beer and citrus soda or juice. The traditional combination uses lemonade or lemon soda, but the definition has expanded over the years to include other citrus juices like grapefruit and orange, ginger beer or ginger ale, and even apple cider.
As thirst-quenching as a shandy might taste in the heat of summer, it's ideal in any season as a brunch or midday drink. Avoid darker beers like stouts and Belgian tripels, but otherwise, play around with wheat beers, lagers and even IPAs to make your own custom blend.

Fakels — that's fake bagels

Bake bagels on New Year's Day? How crazy do you think we are? No, the only thing crazy about these no-yeast "bagels" is the small ingredient list: plain Greek yogurt and self-rising flour, plus an egg for a glossy crust.
Yes, you can make a no-yeast version of these everything bagels at home.
Unless you're a serious baker or biscuit maker, you may not have self-rising flour in the pantry. Don't worry, you can still make these, but you'll need a few more ingredients: Whisk 1½ teaspoons of baking powder and ¼ teaspoon kosher salt into 1 cup of flour as a substitute.