How the pandemic brought a rising tide of hunger to Europe

Updated 4:42 AM ET, Mon December 28, 2020

London (CNN)Life wasn't easy for Patricia, even before the pandemic hit.

She struggled with mental health issues after fleeing an abusive relationship, moving herself and her children into an east London flat with nothing more than the clothes on their backs.
For the past few years, Patricia held down a job as a barista, but she was furloughed after the Covid-19 crisis exploded and the United Kingdom went into lockdown. As the money got tighter, she found herself resorting to a food bank to help feed her family.
"You feel like you're going through it by yourself with your kids, and it's hard to explain to them what you're facing at the time when they just want to eat -- they don't really understand food poverty," said Patricia, who we are only identifying by her first name to protect her identity.
"[Without help] I don't even know how to describe it, I probably would have just been in a corner," she told CNN. "Mentally, it would've just